Saturday, December 1, 2012


Recent news reports might get anyone a bit nervous about December 21st. Swarms of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, massive wildlife deaths, continuing droughts, super storms, economic and political dysfunction, emerging diseases, ice melts, sea rise, methane releases from the thawing tundra, solar coronal mass ejections, and one environmental catastrophe after another, should give anyone pause. Are we approaching Doomsday? Is mass consciousness actually creating what we fear most?

This is a true story. Driving home from work one day we were experiencing an ice storm. The roads rapidly become sheets of ice. I was driving a full length pick-up truck with no extra weight in the bed.
As I approached a slight decline in the road, I noticed several vehicles ahead of me begin to swerve. I very gently applied the brakes, knowing that a heavy foot would lead to big trouble. My truck didn't slow down. In fact, the brakes had no effect and I quickly discovered that the truck was literally sliding down the road. I had no control. I slid into the opposite lane and was heading directly toward a tractor trailer that, fortunately, was having a hard time getting up what was an incline in his direction. I tried to gently steer back into my own lane, knowing that my pick up would surely lose in a battle with the semi. Any attempt to quickly turn the wheel would be a disaster. About 100 yards apart, the back end of my truck began to fish tail. Lucky for me, it pulled me back into my own lane. However, it also pulled me off the road. I barely missed a telephone pole and was very fortunate; the fates were with me, that I glided off the road and into a field. Luckily, there was no ditch on this stretch of field and after another couple hundred feet of sliding, I came to a stop. Looking to my left, the semi went by, spinning tires and all.

As we approach December 21, 2012, think of it in terms of all of humanity being in a truck, trying to navigate down an icy road. Unless you are just basically oblivious to the world you live in, this storm-climate change, environmental disasters, biosphere collapse, economic and political chaos-has been hitting us for quite some time. Humanity is now sliding down the icy road, out of control, subject to whatever barriers may quickly smash our forward progress. Given every opportunity, being forewarned for decades, we still chose to get behind the driver's seat and head out in the storm. Believing those who always put money first, we let ourselves be mulled into a sense of false security.

Barring things like an asteroid hit or being engulfed in a civilization ending coronal mass ejection, the world will still be here on December 22nd.  However, having lost control of the truck to the whims of the thickening ice, it is clear that we will not just slide off the road to safety. Do we hit an oncoming car? Do we slam into a telephone pole? Do we do a roll over in a ditch? No one really knows. But, be certain of this, we have not even really sensed the danger and few seem to have even noticed that we slid into the oncoming lane.

In Waking God: The Trilogy, a good part of the story occurs after 12/21/12. In the book, something major, but hidden to the masses, does happen on that day, but not total destruction. If you listen to the science, humanity cannot escape the consequences of its neglect. This does not mean that our future is inevitably relegated to a state of weeping and gnashing of teeth. For sure, there will be, and there has been, some of that already. As the manifestation of our sleep takes form, choices will be made. According to the Trilogy, in this Time of Choosing, each person will decide to live in Fear, or rise above and live in Love. If too many choose fear, then humanity's morphic field will generate waves of negative events and the weeping will consume many. However, if the masses choose to end the dream, the nightmare, then the morphic field of love will create a new earth. The old paradigm will fail as it is replaced by the new.

All ancient prophecy points to this time period as a time of change. Just as we have the phases of the moon, new and full, earth is ending a phase. The planet has done it before and will do it again. Humanity has lived for such a short time, but we can't assume that because we have not, that we remember, seen a major earth shift, that none will happen. In fact new advances in science are beginning to find evidence that such changes may have been responsible for the collapse of previous ancient civilizations. Explore the concept of the electric universe if you choose to know more, for these are the things of which myths are made. After all, out of the ashes, the Phoenix will rise.

What can you expect in the coming months. Fear, for those who accept it. Chaos, for those who accept it. Disaster, for those who accept it. Despair, for those who accept it. Hate, for those who accept it. Weeping and gnashing of teeth, for those who accept it. You see, what happens to YOU depends on what you accept; what you choose. You can choose doomsday, or you can choose enlightenment. As the days progress, the opportunity for such choices will become increasingly obvious.

May your truck slide safely off the ice into an open field.  May your reality be built upon love, and not fear.


  1. Well constructed post, the analogy is most apt. We are faced with the biggest choice ever to face this particular incarnation of humanity and civilization. We have 3 weeks to blog, network, meditate, believe, and get the global mind connected in a majority belief that this is indeed, as was sung in the 60s, "The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius!"

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  3. But, perhaps this is but a dream and perhaps the next time you awaken, it will be for real.