Wednesday, December 29, 2010


This is the new cover for WAKING GOD BOOK I; THE JOURNEY BEGINS.
Set for re-release in January 2011, the 3rd Edition will offer glimpses of the mystical places found in the book. The 2nd of Book II: THE SACRED ROTA will follow in February with the new Book III scheduled for march.

The Waking God journey began in 2006 and will continue...well, forever. A spiritual treatise in the guise of a novel, the series deplores the worn out religious dogma of past generations and leads the reader on a path of self discovery and transformation. By exposing the religious 'memes' that have dominated humanity for thousands of years, the reader is prepared to replace the old with the new, making the old obsolete and ineffectual.

Looking at the discoveries in physics, the prophecies of the Mayans, Nostradamus and DaVinci, we see that we are at the convergence of a human transformation. Will it occur, as James Redfield believes, in 2011 or will 2012 be the critical turning point? The only certainty is that events are happening NOW and WAKING GOD-YOU-needs to be prepared!


James believes that the 2012 event is more likely to occur in 2011. As in WAKING, Redfield sees the ongoing and upcoming events as an opportunity for great transformation. Read his Holiday message and see what you think.

All over the world, the year-end holidays signal a final celebration before we enter 2011. And, from all indications, what an amazing year it will be. Regardless of what may be tough economic times, tremendous opportunity and excitement will occur for those of us persuing an "Authentic Spirituality." First, we will see the Mayan Calendar become more understood as predicting, not doomsday, but a new wave of spiritual consciousness for Planet Earth. Why? Because more of us will begin to feel this consciousness in our personal lives, and consequently begin to live it visibly -- a phenomenon I've described as "The Twelfth Insight." Then in early Spring or so (Calleman says March), the greater psychological gifts of this Consciousness will likewise begin to come into mind -- in seven steps.

Whether we call it a wave of Universal Consciousness, or The Twelfth Insight, or just a surge in Authentic Spirituality sweeping every religion in the world, the important point is that, far from being a fad or an abstract idea, this consciousness is something we can experience directly and thus imminently prove to ourselves. Of course, I think it's safe to say that this wave of consciousness will not be imposed on us by divine mandate. We'll still have to intentionally "tune in." But it will be easier to sense than ever before, and we'll be more inspired to dig deeper for its secrets.

Moreover, this lived spirituality will make perfect sense in the real world we find ourselves in -- a world more and more wracked by corruption and inauthenticity, and suffering from what might be described as a runaway, fearful urge to control others for personal gain. The more clearly we see how the old world is behaving, the more those of us (across all religions) who seek a light-filled existence will be united by an abhorance to this state of affairs. And the more we are united, the more we will be genuinely motivated, without condemnation, to move away from this psychologically dark Sodam and Gomora to create a world characterized  by integrity, civility and a deeper spirituality that builds on itself.

The most exciting aspect of this phenomenon is that the reality and worth of this new consciousness can be proven to oneself every step of the way. First comes the reaction to the corruption, and a feeling of Unity with others standing against it. Then comes the realization that corruption and controlling come strictly from a lack of spiritual Connection. Then, as we begin to discover that a deeper Spirituality brings with it the intuition of the better world we want to create, something pops in our minds. We feel enlarged from within, not in Ego, but in Soul. And from there it is all upward. A flood of mysterious coincidences and guiding intuitions just prove the reality of what is happening to us even more, and we realize we're in the perfect place ourselves to do something specific to make things better, modeling this new consciously-guided life for all to see. And finally, in the greatest of insights, we grasp the full truth of the ancient scriptures: Those who are honorable over little...are given more -- more life, more help, more fun, more abundance, and more opportunity. All together, we begin to be the agents as well as the partakers of this final wave of Creation.

How long will it take? Who knows? But it begins in earnest next year.

James Redfield