Wednesday, November 21, 2012


KINDLE In WAKING GOD: THE TRILOGY, what was mentioned in fiction has become reality as we see from the following passage: "People have been mumbling threats of Armageddon and the End of Days for weeks now, and perhaps with just cause. Globally, world economies are in shambles. Even in the United States, corporations that have maintained superior profits since the market crashed in 1929 have gone under. As the currency of countless countries drops below the value of gravel, hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes, tsunami, and other natural disasters plague the earth. Defying all logic, circles of trees are appearing in our forests, and complex, otherworldly geometric designs are forming in wheat and cornfields, rice paddies, and lettuce patches." But we have to ask, "Is this the fate of humanity? Are we destined to doom and destruction? let's look at more: Andrew stared at his friend. “So,” he said, “there’s a message in the cards of something trying to dream itself into existence so it can ultimately experience itself.” He remembered what he’d been told about the sleeping Adam. “Take card fifteen, the so-called Devil, with the loose chains around the necks of a man and woman,” Eli continued. “The restraints are an illusion. The ties don’t bind. The one and the five reduce to six. The sixth card is The Lovers. Here are the symbols of the Trees of Life and of Knowledge. Both forces are guided by the Sun, or the ultimate spiritual force. The apples are the five senses, and the flames are the twelve powers, represented by the Zodiac and by the twelve disciples. All of the numbers stand alone, but must also be reduced for correlations." What we see, we have created. It appears monstrous, consuming, with little hope. But the Tarot Code, as revealed in the trilogy, says this is but an illusion, the stage upon which we play our parts. When the play is over, we go home, not bound by the performance we have just witnessed. Want liberation from the illusion. This Thanksgiving, show gratitude for all that you have. melt the chains of lack, insufficiency, poor health, and loneliness. Expose the lie we call war and be grateful for peace and enduring love. The restraints on your life, on the world, are an illusion. Change is but a thought away. In the Trilogy, Book III is called the Second Coming of Humanity. It speaks of a TIME OF CHOOSING. It is in our choices that we plant the seeds of the 'morrow. What's in your garden?

Sunday, November 4, 2012




Authored by Philip F. Harris, Brian L. Doe 

Discover what you need to know to get through the Earth Changes leading up to and beyond December 21, 2012!

The Waking God Trilogy is not about the doom and gloom that organized religions would have you believe. It is not about an Armageddon style 'end times' that pits good against evil in some final battle where religious dogma is triumphant. Yes, there is a final battle of sorts, but as Mantrella says, "It is not about saving humanity, it never has been." While the Trilogy comes down hard on organized religion and its 'worn out dogma,' it is not atheistic. Instead, it totally rejects the idea of some schizophrenic super-being that loves to punish and reward its servants, and recognizes a Universal consciousness of which we are all a part. It acknowledges that within each of us there is a 'god seed' that is waiting to experience an awakening brought on, as in any major evolution, by not only environmental, but also social, economic, and political stress that will help to create a spontaneous evolution in humanity. Or, if allowed to remain dormant, this same seed will be our undoing. The prophecies all speak of a choice. Nostradamus, the Hopi, the Mayans, the I Ching, the Riddles of DaVinci, and the Tarot speak to a time of choosing. Hidden codices, books of revelation, and ancient sacred texts also speak of this time of choosing. That time is upon us. The elements are all there. From bursts of energy from the center of our galaxy to the scientific discoveries about the true nature of our reality, the puzzle nears its completion.

Andrew, the young comparative religions professor, knows what he needs to do. He needs to give the still sleeping Adam flesh, by mating with a young and mysterious Middle Eastern woman known as Mara. The time is right at last, so what can possibly stop Andrew and Mara from coming together in fulfillment of prophecy? Well, for one thing, there's Michael. And then there are those who follow Michael, the great archangel who's made it his mission to keep humanity in its current ignorant and deluded state. Ranged on the looming battle's other side are Mantrella, Bringer of Light, and those who follow him. Meanwhile, Earth itself convulses as its inhabitants endure the plagues of Revelation. Will those who can stop Michael act in time? And even if they do, will they prevail?

Focusing on 'worn out religious dogma' as one of the leading causes of human strife, the Trilogy turns the mythical world of good vs. evil on its head. Mantrella, a.k.a. Lucifer, is the champion of humanity, while the Archangel Michael fights to suppress human evolution by preventing the physical birth of the biblical Adam. Human destiny is placed squarely on the shoulders of where it belongs: choice; our thoughts create our reality.

The Battle of Armageddon has already begun, but not the one religion portrays as the End Times. Can Michael stop the physical birth of Adam? Do the forces of good and evil battle it out for humanity's soul? Is Lucifer really the 'great deceiver' or is he humanity's guardian? Who can truly save humanity, if indeed it needs saving? All that is hidden is revealed between the lines and beyond the words. Will the 'dreamer' awaken? You must decide! In these times of economic, political, social and religious upheaval, the TRILOGY is required reading, now more than ever!

"...make the Da Vinci Code look like a church hymn.... It should make you think. Calling it provocative is an understatement. ...groundbreaking and revolutionary ideas .... Epic in scope ...."

Saturday, November 3, 2012

The One Last Cashew Principle and the Future of Humanity


Cashews are my favorite nut. I remember as a child that we always  went over to Nana's over the holidays to partake of desserts and on Christmas, to exchange presents with aunts, uncles and cousins. Nana always had bowls of mixed nuts scattered throughout the house.  I would find a relatively quiet spot, take a bowl, and search for the cashew treasures within.

It seemed that if I kept digging through the bowl, that there was always one last cashew prize to be found. Was this an early encounter of the Law of Attraction? By sheer will, did I keep manifesting that one last cashew in the endless sea of peanuts, almonds, walnuts and Brazil nuts? Was this my first encounter with Heidenberg's Uncertainty Principle? Because I always reached a point when I was uncertain if just one more nut lay hidden in the bowl. Thinking I had devoured the last, was there still one there? Would my looking create just one more?

So here we have humanity, sitting at the bowl of life, expecting that we always have that one more chance to make things right. We think that we will have that one more opportunity to make amends; to say, "I'm sorry; I love you; I will take that chance; I will change my ways." Do we think that there is still time to alter history; to protect the planet;  to end pollution; resist the power of money--the power of the few over the many? And then one day we wake up dead; the last cashew has been consumed and, at least in this lifetime, the chances are gone and the cashew exists only in a theoretical state of possibility.

Look at the events in the world. How many cashews do you think are left?