Monday, April 25, 2011

Unity Consciousness

James Redfield calls it the Unity consciousness-we call it the God Seed in the WAKING GOD TRILOGY. A rose is a rose!

Spread the Unity Consciousness predicted by the Mayans and many other prophecies, and discussed by "the Twelfth Insight." The second phase of this consciousness began on April 14 and will last through May 1, 2011. It is characterized by a felt Germination of this consciousness within ourselves. Remember, this consciousness is not being imposed on humanity, yet is available to us as never before, if we tune in through a kind of inner cultivation the Mayans likened to a farmer cultivating the fruit of a crop. (You can see the full time-table below offered by Carl Calleman.) This downloading process, which ends on October 11, 2011, is not exclusive in any way! It is available to everyone, across all religions and cultures, and points to the direct experience of the Divine, characterized by universal love and oneness. It doesn't have to be downloaded on these particular dates, and will be available to everyone after October.

However, as I also sought to to clarify in The Twelfth Insight, I believe there is a certain urgency to open up as soon as possible to this greater part of ourselves because of the effect it has on others. All of humanity can feel the quickening of this energy, and while this energy is aimed at creating unity and equality, our egos can misinterpret this quickening as a call to force against perceived enemies or others who seem to want control over us, and hence leads to violent protest and a felt need to destroy all existing economic systems and governments. In fact, a complete download of this consciousness calls instead for an inspired and loving evolution and perfection of existing structures from within. Hence, the urgency for enough of us to move fully into this loving process so as to set a model for others. Remember, we're contagious and telepathic to everyone else, so our influence demonstrates and reminds people of this complete Divine connection, and non-locally spreads outwardly in all directions as a prevailing social consciousness, and makes it easier for others to tune in as well -- plus these effects are magnified when intentionally sent to others in Prayer, especially large group prayer.

So again, this week we will pray and project the feeling of this second phase of consciousness out into the world, as we did during our last gathering. Also, of course, we will continue to uplift those struggling in Japan and other areas from natural challenges and economic difficulties. 

9th wave

Saturday, April 23, 2011


The WAKING GOD TRILOGY, with the soon to be released THE SECOND COMING OF HUMANITY, deals with the issues of the past and present plague of religious dogma. There is indeed a great awakening and Book III talks about the TIME OF CHOOSING, the moment we are now in and the moment in which we will create our new reality. Is there perhaps a god seed (junk DNA) that is in the process of activating that will fulfill the words, "Did I not say ye are gods."


Has the world been a bit nuts lately? Are you concerned about 2012? THE SECOND COMING OF HUMANITY will give you some choices on how to deal with these concerns. Of course, it would make sense to read the first two books of the Trilogy and put these issues into perspective.

2012 - The Revolution Has Begun

The WAKING GOD TRILOGY (don't read if you're looking for religious answers-the books are very much against dogma) speaks about entering the TIME OF CHOOSING. Yes, we do create our reality and we can alter reality-that physics, not metaphysics. But time grows short. We are reaping what we have sown. But planting a new garden of love NOW, will at least give our great grandchildren a chance for a new earth. Do this, for them!

Saturday, April 2, 2011


The Trilogy is nearly complete. THE SECOND COMING OF HUMANITY will be out soon and we will keep you posted. In Book III you will read about The Time of Choosing. As 2012 approaches and the world experiences major social, political, economic and environmental upheavals, you will have the opportunity to decide-to choose-the outcome of these events. You will come to understand that the prophecies, from Nostradamus to DaVince have brought you to this moment. You will see that we are at a STOP sign and that YOU must decide the future direction of humanity.

The prophets have provided the road map.But you must choose the road we take. So far, we have taken the back roads, muddy, full of potholes and other hidden dangers. Nostradamus, the Hopi, the Mayans, DaVinci and others have warned that this back road leads to disaster. This has come come all too well apparent in the world today. But we need not stay on this road. Open your eyes and ears and hear and see the cries of freedom, the possibilities presented in science, the end of bondage to worn out dogma.

We have all witnessed the effects of unbridled greed. We have seen the horrors of absolute power. We have heard the cries of our Earth Mother as we slaughter her children. Look around and know that what you see, you have sown. But a new season of planting is upon us. What will you choose to plant?