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Okay, not all religions, but....The Huffington Post ran an interesting article on Religious Teachings On The End Of The World. This was in response to the ‘end of the world’ claims for this past May 21st.  In the article they listed brief commentary about what the major religions teach about the ‘End Times.’ What is particularly interesting is that only Bible and Christian based religions see an angry god who will one day destroy the wicked and wreak havoc on the planet.

The vision of the end times in the New Testament can be understood only through a Jewish worldview that saw reality in terms of the present, evil age, where the wicked dominate and persecute the righteous, and the age to come, when God will judge the wicked and vindicate the righteous -- both the living and the dead. In order for the dead to be judged, there must be a general resurrection. Besides this moral dimension, the transition is also described in terms of a cosmic destruction and the subsequent creation of a new heaven and new earth. This new heaven and new earth is God's reality of no more death, sin or suffering: paradise restored. The other major religions talk more of cycles where there are positive and negative times, but the cycles always move human consciousness to higher planes of understanding and enlightenment.  So why does Christianity seem to want to destroy humanity and save but a few? Why do they promote the idea that death and worldwide destruction is inevitable? What does Christianity have against humanity?

In WAKING GOD BOOK III: THE SECOND COMING OF HUMANITY, we talk of Armageddon; not a battle of weapons, but a battle in the mind. We rule out the Christian option of doom, but maintain that we are on the cusp to cycle ever upward in our evolution. Yes, there is choice and responsibility and there are tough times ahead for many. Hell, there are tough times for many now. But we determine the reality that will manifest and, if it all crumbles, it is not because of some pissed off god; rather, it is because we chose the path of fear. Clearly, it is indeed time to end the era of worn out religious dogma; a dogma that keeps you frightened and at odds with everyone that thinks differently. This is a ‘time of choosing.’ Read the excerpts below and decide who has the better vision. Not with an eye to accepting one religion over another, but rather to understand that the Christian view of the Universe does not take you to that higher level of evolution.

Orthodox Christians believe in the second coming of Jesus Christ, the ensuing judgment of our sins and the resulting eternal life in either Heaven or Hell. Everything that Scripture says about a time of tribulation and suffering is accepted, but the faithful will be present for all of it. We will not be spared the sufferings or tribulation. Christ himself tells us that all will suffer and that no one knows when He will return for Judgment Day. "Then they will deliver you up to tribulation and kill you, and you will be hated by all nations for My name's sake." Matthew 24:9

The end time in Jewish tradition is often depicted as a time of strife, of the wars of Gog and Magog, of what the rabbis called picturesquely "the birth pangs of the Messiah." Images of resurrection (based on scattered passages such as Daniel chapter 12) and an awakening of the dead were commonplace. But alongside the anticipated violent paroxysms of a new world being born there is a more peaceful, gentle view. In the Talmud, Samuel equates messianic days with the freedom of the Jewish people from the subjugation to foreign powers, a very "this-wordly" view.

Hinduism does have eschatology of sorts, especially in relation to Kali Yuga -- the last of the four cosmic seasons. These ages follow a pattern of spiritual devolution so that the last age, Kali, marks a complete contrast to the first, Satya. Satya Yuga is likened to gold; Kali Yuga is the age of iron. If Satya is compared to a blossoming springtime, Kali is the cold, devastating winter. Hindu texts, such as the celebrated Bhagavata Purana, describe how in Satya Yuga people are practically divine beings, whose qualities and piety put them in a state of incredible self-awareness and naturally connect them to God and to one another.

Classical Buddhism — like the extant Hinduism of its time—imagined a repeating cycle of "kalpas," or cosmic time periods, each 10 billion to 15 billion years long (remarkably close to what modern scientists measure as the age of our universe). Each kalpa is supposed to have its own Buddha -- or, according to some texts, a series of Buddhas. There have been Buddhas in past kalpas. Siddhartha Gautama is the Buddha of our time, and Maitreya Buddha is considered the Buddha-in-waiting for the next kalpa. So the Buddhist vision of the universe is more cyclical than linear, and does not imagine a singular "end time" when the universe will definitively end. However, according to Dr. Richard Jaffe, Associate Professor of Religion at Duke University, each kalpa does end with a "world-destroying fire," after which the new kalpa is re-created and the cycle repeats.

One of the most oft-mentioned theological teachings in the Quran, Islam's sacred revealed scripture, is that only God is infinite and everything else other than God is finite with a determined beginning and end…In typical fashion, the Quran speaks generally and somewhat vaguely about the events leading up to the end of times and the Day itself. The hadith (the collection containing the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad) offer more specifics. According to the many hadith on this topic, the Prophet Muhammad foretells that previously poor barefoot shepherds will compete in making tall buildings; people will engage in much violence, bloodshed and anarchy; sexual immorality will become rampant and public; natural disasters will increase tremendously; an impostor by the name of Dajjal will delude people into following and worshipping him; and Jesus will return to confront and ultimately kill the Dajjal; among other things.

The Baha'is have an interesting and different take on the end times scenario. Rather than expecting a Hollywood-screenwriter's dream that will occur within 24 hours, like this coming Saturday, they instead see "the end of days" as the end of one major stage of history and the beginning of a new one.
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PHIL: I think one of the things you say here s really accurate, when you lose it, you know, when you do something that you say why did I do that? It was such a downer, so to speak, you feel the energy drain out of yourself. I mean, every now and then we revert to our old ways, or something will crop up. And if you’re somebody that has embarked on the spiritual path, and you have begun to make connections, and the energy is beginning to flow, and suddenly you allow the way you have been creep back up on you, you just suddenly look around and go, “Oh my god you know, what am I doing? Why am I thinking like this?” And there’s no question you feel that loss of that connection to that energy.
The seventh insight brings us into engaging the flow, knowing our personal mission and enhances the flow of mysterious coincidences, as we are guided toward our destiny. “First we have a question, and then dreams, daydreams with intuitions that lead us toward the answers which are usually synchronistic and provided by the wisdom of another human being.” Knowing our mission, I’m sure for a lot of people, that’s the common question, why am I here? What is my mission, what is my purpose? I think the implication here is once you began on that path, people, events, things begin to happen that begin to guide you in that direction. Is that kind of what this insight is about?

JAMES: Without a doubt, I mean it’s, you know all were talking about is synchronistic flow, you know this is the holy grail of the consciousness we are describing. We want to be able to walk out of our house, working on some project maybe, or whatever, we get an intuition, someone to call about a certain issue we have. Someone will pop into our heads or we will just run into someone and have a casual conversation, and it will become a synchronicity, a mysterious coincidence that brings an answer to our ongoing journey, in other words, a direction. So that you know, those mysterious coincidences that open doors, and having those happen routinely, is the definition of this awakening as it begins to integrate. If our lives aren’t full of these things, if we aren’t solving these problems by having chance encounters that just happen to bring us information, or having intuitively been thinking of an old friend, call ‘em up and they say I was just thinking about you, I got this kind of information I’ve been working on, what do you think. And that new information somehow solves the problem for us; opens a new door for us. If we’re not having those, then we’re not quite in the flow, the seventh insight is to understand that there is a flow out there that we can move in to. Now, you have to, believe in these coincidences, have faith that they are going to happen, you have a spiritual work that you’re doing, where you’re constantly trying to get more and more connected, with the divine within yourself, and this channel that’s divine awareness. But once you get in to that flow, it’s what we all really want, we want our lives to be at that level of mystery and intrigue and fulfillment. That’s what we are looking for and that’s why people who are watching the Jerry Springer Show, you know their thinking, it must be in that, you know. But it’s not; it’s the flow we’re looking for.

PHIL: It’s kind of like the use of intuition, I, I know myself just form personal example, when I hear that little voice say don’t go this way, go that way; or go to this store instead of that store, I mean, it can be little things; it doesn’t have to be mind altering, life altering kinds of events. But the little voice that sort of directs you and when I follow it, then the voice picks up more and more, and it does kind of lead to bigger and better things. And when you don’t, it’s like, wow, I just shut myself off from something, why didn’t I listen to that voice, why did I do that when you know, inside of myself it said hey maybe you ought to not go in that particular direction, and maybe you really ought not to contact that person. Your ego jumps in and you say, well I'm going to do it anyway, I'm in control. And it’s kind of like, the more you allow intuition to speak to yourself, the more intuitive insights you have. So I would imagine, just like your saying here, the more you allow this flow, this synchronicity, the so called coincidences occur, the greater they become. It’s a wonderful system when you let it work, isn’t it?

JAMES: Absolutely, and it’s our heritage, it’s our inevitable cosmic personality. It’s what we’re growing into; it’s what these insights are talking about, these awakenings, these steps to our awakening. You know that’s what we want, that’s what we are going to get as we become more devoted to the spiritual life. You know, and let me say, I want to point one thing out about the sixth insight; we can’t stay in that flow if we’re doing something that we are addicted to by habit that breaks the flow. If we ever manipulate at all with the first lie, we tell the first manipulation we seek, to maneuver some person to where we think we want them. As soon as that happens, you are dead in the water. You just might as well have a seat, because nothing is going to flow until you move past that habit or tendency. Everybody has one; it’s a controlled drama of some kind. Some are worse than others, but I’ll tell you, it’s all addictive. It’s all an addiction, it’s a way we learn how to feel secure in the world. And sometimes we bring it in from previous lifetimes. This is not all easy. You know, if it was easy we would have done it already. There’re some challenges that also will respond to our intention, and if we concentrate on staying in this spiritual space, and trust the divine in us to lead us forward, and to give up, just move past these bad habits, get in the flow of our proper work in the world, then those things happen.

PHIL: I think that’s what’s beautiful about the system. When I was talking to Maia Berens about relationships, we were talking about the point that it is never too late. You know, her husband is 70 years old and he just got a teaching job and he’s going to get his teaching certificate. I guess the point being, if you do screw up, so to speak I hate using any judgmental terms, but if you do sort of fall back into that controlling trap, it’s not like somebody is going to come around and punish you, or like you’re damned eternally or anything, you can turn it around at any point don’t you think.

JAMES: Absolutely, and we practice our mission twenty four hours a day so, it’s not all about career, its life. It’s every bit of our lives, and you may be making widgets somewhere for a living, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a truth to fill. Something to contribute to others that could cross your path, the main thing is to just find what it is that really becomes something that you are inspired to say to other people, that you find will touch them and bring them more in to the spiritual consciousness, remember its contagious. And it’s the contagion that we fan when we’re performing our missions.

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Months of trials and tribulation!
Guess there are no real Christians on the planet-or they're all rejects. But seriously. See how silly religion can get? Actually, see how dangerous it can get. People love to be fooled and duped and evangelists are expert dupers. The only second coming is, THE SECOND COMING OF HUMANITY. Are you ready? Have you made the right choices?


Report just in, there are no TRUE Christian believers in the Eastern Hemisphere as Jesus has yet to descend from the heavens to take his followers. An object was spotted over Australia but it turned out to be a weather balloon. Hmmm, maybe in Europe-only time will tell!

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Doomsday? Armageddon? The end of the world? Or ... the Dawn of Humanity's Enlightenment?

December 21, 2012. Doomsday? Armageddon? The end of the world? Or ... the Dawn of Humanity's Enlightenment?, May 17, 2011
Marvin D. Wilson (Ann Arbor, Michigan) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Waking God Book III: The Second Coming of Humanity (Kindle Edition)
The last book in an epic trilogy, with a heavenly-high bar already established by books one and two, "Waking God Book III: The Second Coming of Humanity" does not disappoint--in fact, it yanks the bar off its stanchions and hurls it into the stratosphere. Eternal arch-enemies, Mantrella (aka `Lucifer,' `The Morning Star,' and `Christ,'--yes, you read that last one correctly) and Michael come angelically and mightily head-to-head and wing-to-wing in the battle for the future of earth and the fate of the human beings that inhabit it. In this gripping and status-quo-challenging trilogy, Lucifer is not your enemy, and angels are not your friends.

"Is it not written in your law, I said, ye are gods?"

That quote of Jesus, taken from the New Testament, is repeated thematically throughout "The Second Coming." Because, and this is where `traditional' `Christians' and the organized church will shout, "Heresy!" and, "Burn the authors at the stake!"--Adam, who was `put into a deep sleep,' is about to awaken. The `dream,' all that we know--the Buddhists call it "Samsara"--the illusion of our reality, created by us all with our thoughts as part of Adam's dream, is about to come to an end. If Adam awakes, humanity is reunited with the godhead and, returns to its birthright--as gods, higher than the angels.

Michael doesn't like that idea. One bit. He uses all his power, magic, and influence to stop it. Mantrella is using all his power, magic and influence, to thwart Michael and facilitate the rise to godhood that is humanity's birthright. He knows the complete DNA--including the `god' seed--can be `reborn' in a divine child if he can successfully have main characters, Andrew and Mara, mate ... they both carrying each other's latent half of the necessary seed that activates upon conception. If that happens, "The Fall" of mankind is reversed, man is returned to the Garden, and Adam awakens as the whole god-being you and I and He, were originally created to be by the I Am That I Am.

A supernatural, spiritual/inspirational suspense thriller, "The Second Coming of Humanity" is loaded with twists and turns, highly developed and multi-faceted, fantastic characters from all levels being and non-being, and has an ending that ... no, I can't spoil it for you. You must find out, understand, and manifest the ending, for yourself.

Authors Phil Harris and Brian Doe spin this tale with crisp, compelling, no frills and gutsy prose, along with poetic and deep passages that transport you to other-worldly realms--then smacks you right back dab in the middle of `reality'--or is it? In the end, it is up to you, to us, to awaken and create our own reality. The book gets to you. It pervades and inundates you. And it makes you, as you compulsively turn each of the final pages, wonder ... just who you--and we--really are, for god's sake?

- Marvin D Wilson, author of "Beware the Devil's Hug," "Owen Fiddler," and "I Romanced the Stone (Memoirs of a Recovering Hippie)"

"It is not about saving humanity, it never has been."

KINDLE RELEASED-The Second Coming of Humanity is Book III of the WAKING GOD TRILOGY; Book I is titled The Journey Begins and Book II, The Sacred Rota. The series has been called "epic in scope," and New York Times bestselling author Piers Anthony says, "It will make you think." Focusing on 'worn out religious dogma' as one of the leading causes of human strife, the Trilogy turns the mythical world of good vs. evil on its head. Mantrella, a.k.a. Lucifer, is the champion of humanity, while the Archangel Michael fights to suppress human evolution by preventing the physical birth of the biblical Adam. Mantrella's basic view is summed up when he says, "It is not about saving humanity, it never has been." Human destiny is placed squarely on the shoulders of where it belongs: choice; our thoughts create our reality.

The Second Coming picks up after the 'end of the world' in 2012. It shows how humanity has brought itself to the precipice where it must decide whether it survives or becomes a part of the current '6th great extinction.' Further evidence and guidance of the ancient Tarot Code is revealed as the characters find themselves on their final journey to Jerusalem. Eli knows that the Battle of Armageddon has already begun, but not the one religion portrays as the End Times. Yet the trip must be made in order for the pieces of the Apocalypse to be revealed. Can Michael stop the physical birth of Adam? Do the forces of good and evil battle it out for humanity's soul? Is Lucifer really the 'great deceiver' or is he humanity's guardian? Who can truly save humanity, if indeed it needs saving? In The Second Coming of Humanity all that is hidden is revealed between the lines and beyond the words. Will the 'dreamer' awaken? You must decide! In these times of economic, political, social and religious upheaval, the TRILOGY is required reading, now more than ever!

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Live Free Revolution: 14 signs that the collapse of our modern world has...

Live Free Revolution: 14 signs that the collapse of our modern world has...: "Natural News by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger Monday, May 02, 2011 (NaturalNews) A lot of people believe the world as we know it is goin..."