Sunday, January 29, 2012


Chapter 21: In the limousine, ANDREW has an amazing dream in which he sees ADAM as a being reflecting all the parts of the universe. The vehicle suddenly comes to a screeching halt, and he finds himself pounding on the back window as he watches a stranger quickly lead MARA down the street under a hail of gunfire.

Chapter 22: ANDREW is taken to a beautiful white stone villa where, to his own shock, he meets MANTRELLA in the flesh.

Chapter 23: Barely recovered from the shock, ANDREW and MANTRELLA talk, and the silver-eyed host relates to the young professor the falsity of religious movements, and touches every nerve in ANDREW’s body with his “dime store theology.” Becoming angry, ANDREW stands to confront MANTRELLA.

Chapter 24: MANTRELLA morphs into a vision of Baphomet, both terrifying and subduing ANDREW. Through further conversation, ANDREW comes to understand that the biblical ADAM is sleeping. We are his dream, existing in and of it. When ADAM comes to realize his own existence through his physical birth into the world of mankind, humanity will move onto the next spiritual plane. He and MARA are god-bloods and the chosen parents of ADAM. The Archangel MICHAEL is noted as the main power that desires to keep ADAM from being born. Finally, ANDREW is briefly shown how the Major Arcana of the Tarot holds the hidden truth of this revelation.

Chapter 25: Escorted by MOLOC, a Dog of Isis, or werewolf, and NILAIHAH, a vie-pyre, ANDREW leaves for Poland on a mission to find MARA. MOLOC and NILAIHAH are partners, each of them representing half of the nature of duality, and are also Watchers, the “troops” of MANTRELLA. Sometime into the trip, the car is intercepted and ANDREW is stolen from his protectors. He awakes in a helicopter surrounded by men in fatigues.

Chapter 26: MARA finds herself in a castle. She discovers that the man who took her from the town and delivered her to safety is called MICHAEL. MICHAEL tells her that MANTRELLA, the man responsible for kidnapping her, is the devil, and that he posed as all the silver-eyed men in her past. Lastly, to her mounting disbelief, he explains how she has been moved all around the world every three years, and that she has been marked as a daughter of the Messiah. He pledges to protect her.

Chapter 27: ANDREW arrives via helicopter at Malbork Castle in Poland.

Chapter 28: MARA begins to have glimpses of who she is, and she comes to identify her grandfather from Boston, as well as ANDREW, as the enemy. MICHAEL receives ANDREW and the professor is held prisoner in the castle for a number of weeks. He and MARA are allowed to meet for brief periods of time, and ANDREW comes to suspect that MICHEAL, who supervises every meeting, is mocking him and showcasing his hold over the distraught girl. In various meetings with the host, ANDREW and MICHAEL converse about the nature of the universe and the apparent lies of MANTRELLA. ANDREW begins to believe that MANTRELLA has told him the truth and that MICHAEL is a maniacal Archangel hell bent on preserving his power in the universe. One morning, ANDREW awakes to find his usually locked bedroom door ajar, and he hurries to MARA’s room hoping to convince her to escape with him. With MARA at his side, he rushes through the castle looking for an escape route, but is drawn to a set of oak doors engulfed in light.

Chapter 29: ANDREW has overheard MICHAEL’s plan to further subdue humanity, and in anger he bursts into the room. If ADAM is allowed to be born, the angels will lose their place in the universe and will subsequently become obsolete. But before ANDREW is allowed to have a full-scale confrontation with the Archangel, MANTRELLA’s Watchers infiltrate the castle grounds, and a violent battle ensues. MICHAEL disappears with MARA.

Chapter 30: ANDREW is reunited with MOLOC and NILAIHAH.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Chapter 11: ANDREW goes through many stages of training with NEVYN only to finally end up with a well-behaved, loyal dog. He begins to realize that the dog seems to have a sense of what is happening in ANDREW’s dreams, and takes certain action when the visions are about to come.

Chapter 12: An Earthwire News article expresses tension in Rome as Pope PETER II intends to reveal “secrets” of the papacy to all the faithful in an effort to begin his Reconstruction of Faith mission. His Cardinals are outraged. In an airport in ROME, WOOLGRAB, frustrated with the news, curses a newscaster and then storms out of the building.

Chapter 13: MARA, twenty-one and now living in Boston, is convinced by her friend WANDA to attend a psychic meeting. ELI and his wife JEN have tricked ANDREW into attending the same meeting. ANDREW finds himself having to sit next to MARA, a woman that he is suddenly struck by, though no words pass between them. As the meeting starts, ANDREW closes his eyes and has a vision of he and MARA standing on opposite cliffs as Atlantis crumbles. He hears the woman’s name and he realizes that he has known her since the beginning of time. ANDREW wakes to find MARA gone. In fact, she has fallen in the street and has disappeared again.

Chapter 14: WOOLGRAB enters the Vatican unobstructed, and assassinates Pope PETER.

Chapter 15: ANDREW learns through the Boston Globe that the PETER has been assassinated. Returning home, NEVYN leads him to a FedEx envelope that arrived earlier, containing a letter demanding his immediate presence in Rome, as well as a one-way plane ticket.

Chapter 16: MARA awakes in an extravagant, vaulting bedroom in an Italian villa. She is devastated and races out onto the balcony in an attempt to escape. A maid enters and attempts to calm her. The maid dresses MARA and assures her that the man of the house will explain everything to her.

Chapter 17: On flight 180 from Boston’s Logan Airport to Rome, ANDREW receives a strangely familiar phone number from a stewardess, then watches the news and absorbs the various conspiracy theories developing over PETER’s murder. In an Italian prison, an insane WOOLGRAB marvels at the irony of his ironclad kingdom and kills himself crucifixion-style with a bedspring.

Chapter 18: Reverend Jay J. DOOLEY appears as a crazed, right wing apologist for WOOLGRAB, on the Skip WHALEN show. He is ultimately heckled off the set by the audience and mocking host.

Chapter 19: ANDREW arrives at the airport and suddenly realizes that the phone number given to him by the stewardess is, in fact, ELI’s number. He is confused and anxious.

Chapter 20: ANDREW is taken from the airport in a limousine driven by a hulking black man and his alluring, white-skinned female partner. MARA is led by the maid through a spacious corridor with gold-framed images of the Tarot hanging on the walls. The pictures are somehow familiar to her, but she does not really know what they are. Her mind is assaulted with hundreds of exploding visions relating back to all the lives she’s lived since her theft from the hospital. In terror, she gets away from the maid and escapes from the villa. She ends up in a town where two men pursue her, and where she is finally intercepted by a man who pledges to protect her. As the two head for cover, the men begin to shoot at them.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Chapter-by-Chapter Summary

Prologue: This is the presentation of a dream-state in which ADAM—blind, naked, and defenseless—stumbles to the edge of a murmuring brook and falls fast asleep. The scene shifts to a man in the present day waking with the words of his dream still echoing in his head. He finally gets out of bed and writes what he can remember about his dream in a journal. He needs to find some way to understand why the dreams keep happening and what in God’s name they have to do with him.

Chapter 1: In the laboratory of a hospital, a technician has just received the DNA results of a test he was ordered to run by a mysterious, silver-eyed man bearing the hospital administrator’s personal seal. He quickly calls the findings in to the man and is commanded to send the proof to the front desk in a sealed envelope. Nine floors above in the maternity ward, men in black suits attempt to steal a newborn infant named MARA from her mother’s arms, but the baby is taken instead by a pair of men in trench coats. Two of the black suits pursue the trench coats as the third stops in the doorway to attend to the distraught mother. She begs him to find her baby and he assures her that all will be made right. Then he withdraws a 9mm from his coat and shoots her in the forehead. Outside, the two in trench coats have made it to a clearing on the other side of the parking lot:

Racing through the parking lot, the baby robbers far outmaneuvered their two assailants as they wove around the parked cars and made their way to the clearing on the other side. Realizing their disadvantage, the black suits halted and withdrew their pistols. Bullets exploded into the night, tearing through the mist. But the pair with the baby was undaunted. Once at the grassy edge of the clearing, their bodies lurched forward as they began to morph into wolves. Now on four legs, their claws dug into the cold earth, propelling them on with such force that to be pierced by the futile intentions of a bullet was almost comical.
The wolf in the lead gripped the swaddled package between his fangs, careful not to harm the newborn life within, and disappeared into the night. Halfway across the clearing, the other stopped and threw back his feral head in a terrifying howl, as if to mock the two still in the parking lot firing wildly at targets they could no longer see.

Chapter 2: The main character, ANDREW, has just finished a bowl of Cheerios and a National Geographic article on strange happenings in Brazil. Unimpressed and somewhat amused, he heads to the foyer to get his coat. But on the way, a sudden, intense headache drives him into the cushions of the couch, and he experiences a vision of a baby being carried away by wolves.

Chapter 3: Reverend Victor M. WOOLGRAB is introduced as the glitzy shepherd of the ultra-modern New Life Evangelical Church. The greasy born-again is ushered to a limousine idling in the parking lot on a rainy night during the witching hour in order to meet with a stranger masked in the darkness of the cabin. After subtly insulting the eager minister, the stranger promises WOOLGRAB an ironclad kingdom, then—
The Reverend felt a hand on his shoulder, heavy and clamping, then his blood slowed and the sound of his heart beat vaguely in his ears. He was getting drowsy, unable to resist the complete feeling of relaxation. And the orders reverberated in his brain: Seven days…nine o’clock flight to Rome…car waiting with everything needed to do it…in and out…Swiss bank account…iron-clad kingdom….

Chapter 4: From the pulpit of New Life Evangelical Church, WOOLGRAB is hotly absorbed in a tirade about the “devil,” who he suggests is the Pope of the Catholic Church. His entranced flock clutches at their hearts, calls out in praise to their powerful shepherd, and damns the blasphemers that WOOLGRAB emphatically names. Meanwhile, outside O’Neill Library on the campus of Boston College, ANDREW listens to the prophetic words of a vagrant that has stumbled into the square. When he and the old man finally make eye contact for an unsettling moment, ANDREW believes that the vagrant mouths the words, You will believe. Unnerved, ANDREW makes his way to his morning class.

Chapter 5: It is learned that ANDREW is a professor of comparative religious studies at Boston College. He begins to deliver the last lecture of the spring semester to his graduate students, dealing with what he calls “precipitating events.” After offering the students some examples of precipitating events, he asks the bombshell question: What is the precipitating event that caused mankind to create God? Baffled, only a single student dares to claim that the professor has the notion backwards. Crushing the student’s apparent ignorance of what he believes is truth, ANDREW soon hurries out of the lecture hall at the conclusion of the class, unwilling to entertain the groupies heading for the podium with dozens of questions.

Chapter 6: MARA is nine-years-old and with her silver-eyed stepfather at Edinburgh Castle in Scotland. She has grown into a Middle Eastern beauty with long black hair and brilliant green eyes. The two soon leave the castle and drive to their private jet waiting on a reserved airstrip. As her father turns the Audi onto the asphalt, his head slams into the headrest and blood showers the windshield. MARA screams as the car careens across the runway and smashes into a hanger. The police arrive to find the car engulfed in flames. Forty minutes later two steaming bodies are pulled from the wreckage. But miles away, MARA has already been carried onto a different private jet that now soars high above Europe.

Chapter 7: ANDREW returns to his apartment later that night and struggles with the mixed emotions of the morning’s lecture. He is, and always has been, obsessed with finding a unified theory of religion. He believes that somewhere there is evidence, or at least insight into the ultimate truth of the universe and all of existence. In the throes of another headache, he sits in his recliner and falls asleep. He finds himself having a surreal conversation with a voice in his head calling itself MANTRELLA. He is given a series of names by which MANTRELLA is also known then abruptly awakes. He soon realizes that not only has he experienced another strange dream, but also that this time while sleeping he automatically recorded the list of names on a legal pad.

Chapter 8: MARA is living in Sri Lanka. She has collapsed on her bed with her nose bleeding, body wracked in pain, and brain ravaged by a migraine. She has a vision of an angel impregnating Mary then the girl’s limp body is found by a farmhand in an Indiana crop circle. MARA’s silver-eyed grandfather arrives and instructs the farmhand to bring her up to the house.

Chapter 9: ELI, ANDREW’s newly married ex-roommate, has revealed to his best friend the necessity for ANDREW, now living alone, to get a dog. At first, ANDREW refuses the idea, but is then reluctantly ushered away to a Salem animal shelter where he adopts a brown and white wolfhound that he names NEVYN. Later, ANDREW suddenly awakes from a dream and discovers that he has automatically written again, this time two separate pieces of conversation. One conversation deals with someone reprimanding “Blue Eyes” for impregnating a virgin girl. The other involves MANTRELLA speaking to ADAM about a woman and the Awakening. The conversation ends with the words: Andrew…prepare for Rome!

Chapter 10: It is MARA’s eighteen birthday party on an Indiana farm, and her silver-eyed grandfather has just arrived with a present that he playfully refuses to give her. Later, when all the guests have left, she begs the old man for the present and he finally gives in, telling her to take the box up to her bedroom to open it. She complies and races upstairs, where she collapses again and disappears.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


The first thing to do is not to panic. There will be no destruction of the entire planet and no rapture with billions left behind. However, if you at followed the news in 2011 and extend those events more dramatically into 2012, you will have a sense of what may happen in the coming months. Economies can’t rebound anymore as they are based upon false premises and the lies are rapidly catching up with themselves. As for climate change, we haven’t seen anything yet. Food production is becoming a major global issue as well as the supply of portable water. Those who have not been affected by a major and devastating storm have no clue what millions of others have experienced; their own personal Armageddon. Prophecies aside, these events have and will continue at an accelerated rate. More of this will occur in 2012.

Fear is your worst enemy in any crisis situation. In fact, fear will be the cause, as it has in the past, of much that will happen this coming year. You know yourself, wake up in a bad mood and the day is downhill from there. Wake up refreshed and happy and the day goes great. Now picture billions of people in a bad and fearful mood and …, well, you get the picture. Keep in mind, the inverse of this is also true. When things get bad enough, the latent power of the collective individual rises up and shakes off the chains that bind. It is just unfortunate that humanity lets things get so bad before it acts. So step one, stay calm and don’t buy into the fear. Like attracts like and if you get caught up in the frenzy, you may not get out.

Be prepared is step two. This does not mean put more money into savings, plan better for retirement and change your investment strategies. If the economy is in shambles, none of that matters. When we were hit by Hurricane Irene, we lost power for a week. We have a small generator to run basic appliances but it’s not big enough for the water pump. However, we always keep many gallons of water in storage. When most people plan for storms they think of drinking water, but do you know how water it takes to flush a toilet? We also have back up propane cook stoves and a sensible stock of canned and dried foods. Just knowing that you can weather a storm or other calamity reduces your fear factor. My advice is to keep enough stock on hand to get through a major disaster. What you may need will depend on your location, but if you are caught off guard, you may be in trouble. This is just common sense. And while you may think you aren’t in an area prone to weather/climate disasters, earthquakes can happen almost anywhere and most of your supplies come from areas that are prone to disasters. As far as cash and coin are concerned, having some on hand is not a bad thing, but in all likelihood, your skills or your things may be more important than money for a period of time. I am not trying to preach survivalist skills here but it never hurts to have dried/canned beans, rice, canned meats, PB, canned veggies, baking soda/powder, flour and fruit on hand. Also, if you have pets, they will also have needs. If in a cold climate can you get by if the furnace is out? Can you cook if no power? Do you have a medical emergency kit? Again, all common sense.

While you may manage to keep life and limb together with proper precautions, that is not the real issue in 2012. Sure, you want yourself and loved to be alive, but the band aid never cures the cut. In keeping with the concept in the “Matrix,” we are a virus on the planet. Like a cancer, we are killing our host: Earth. However, she’s a big girl and she will be around long after we’re gone as will other forms of life. We really are at a point, and somewhat past it, where each must choose how we will heal ourselves and the reality we created. So how does one avoid the worst? Here are some steps to take now:

1)Can’t say this enough: No Fear, No Panic. Either just attracts more of the same and can manifest in your life in many negative ways.
2)Set your intentions. If you don’t believe in the Law of Attraction, you are in trouble. Sorry, but you do create your reality and you are responsible for that reality. No finger pointing unless you’re looking in the mirror. Just humor me for these few short months and pretend that all is your life is your creation. Consider this an experiment that will not result in any negative consequence, but which may very well get you through the 2012 can throw at you. Every day, see yourself and those you love as safe, abundant, prosperous, filled with love, free of any ailment, immune to any negative events and protected and nurtured by a loving Universe that is ‘not out to get you.’
3)Act when guided. If an inner voice, intuition, gut feeling says to do something, DO IT! If it’s a move, job change, a change in habit or routine, an urge to visit or call someone, a desire to fulfill a dream, DO IT! When guided into action and you fail to act, the little voice get softer and softer. Listening to that urge, that voice, may well keep you safe and prosperous.
4)Be open to new ideas and ways of looking at the world. As we have all seen, fiction has often become reality. Be prepared to reject old ways of thinking, old paradigms and embrace new concepts. We have all been the victims of memes, cultural thought viruses that make us think we are powerless, there is no hope, and we don’t matter. Well, tell that to those who created the Arab Spring. Tell that to banks who have abandoned some new fees because people rose up. Tell that to the scientists and astronomers who are shaking the foundation of all previous thought. You not only do make a difference, you are the difference. The more that you accept that anything is possible, the more anything ‘is’ possible.
5)Participate by being in, but not of, this world. Number 4 is more of a personal step. This is more public. It doesn’t mean you have to hit the streets in protest, but it does mean that now is the time to make your intentions and feelings known to the world; help build a new meme, paradigm. Remember, you don’t want to be against something; that just adds more power to what you are against. What are you for? If you are reading this, you are on the internet. Are you for a better environment? Do you want clean and natural food for you and your children? Do you support clean energy, an end to pollution, peace, helping the poor, homeless, the hungry? Now is the time to promote and share your feelings. By being public about how you really feel, you are telling the Universe that you are serious about what you want. Form follows thought. What you focus on will attract the same. Actions can create results, inaction usually results in failure. Be in the world, but not of it. Don’t get emotionally caught up in headlines. But, if you don’t know the train is coming, you may not get off the tracks in time.
6)This may be a tough one for many, but there is no one who will save you. Just as you cannot blame anyone else for any troubles you may have, neither can you expect that someone or some thing is going to come along and get you out of any mess you may have created. You are responsible for your life; every last bit of it. You do not need saving. As a character in the Waking God Trilogy says, “It’s not about saving humanity, it never has been.” Get over the religious guilt trip; you are not evil by birth and in need of some kind of salvation. That is a cop out and the worn out dogma no longer serves you. You choose, every moment of your life, what the next moment will bring. If it were otherwise, you would just be a puppet on a string being played by some egotistical deity who just loves to torture its creation. And, if the aliens should come, they are probably not coming to save you either. Create you vision with all your heart and soul and miracles will be yours.

If you doubt any of these steps, I encourage you to do some research. Read some basic information on quantum physics. There is a lot out there that is not too technical and is easily understood. Look at what is really happening in medical research and discover the power of the mind to heal. Regardless of your politics, understand that ‘something’ is going on with the human spirit. From the Occupy movements to the Arab Spring, protests in Russia to the mass migration away from religious dogma, ‘something’ is happening. Read about climate change, look at the data, and see what is happening in the environment to plant and wildlife. Something big is going on. The ball is rolling down the hill and nothing will stop it. But, you do not have to be run over. You can choose to be out of the way and ensure that the ball never makes it to the top of the hill again. It is all happening now, now later!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Dear Friends,

Have a Joyous and Happy New Year! You are all so divine, and I appreciate you all so much in my life, as does the Sisterhood of the Shields. We all love you and are grateful for your commitment to this healing work and your own wonderful spirits!

2012 is a year of awakening. So much has been said about 2012 as a time of cataclysm, the "ending of time," and the ending of the world as we know it. Certainly, I have before never seen so many movies and images of disaster. I think this is both unfortunate and fortunate, in a way. It does make us aware of 2012, and it makes us pay more attention to the grave problems our planet faces.

2012, however, 2012 has meaning, a very specific meaning, and that meaning is the awakening to higher frequencies of mind and heart.

This awakening, to me, means that we must now become the host, the host of the Great Spirit or the higher awareness of divinity, whoever the God being is to each of you. You become the host to that divinity, and when you do, the sense of Great Spirit, the sense of eternal life and beauty comes to you as a guest. So often, this beauty – this consciousness of Divine love – knocks on the doors to our perception, but we don’t open the doors. We’re absent to our guest; we're not even alert to the fact that this – right now – is a time of exquisite possibilities.

When you become host to the Great Spirit, Great Spirit does not become aggressive in your life. Rather, it enters as a soundless beauty, a beauty of stillness within your being. We often notice the beauty in nature, but how often do you actually hear the whisper of joy? When you become host to the Great Spirit, you realize that you are automatically alert to all of the beauty that is around you, that you had often not been able to see or hear before.

Now is the time to seize ability to see things like never before. This is what, to me, the true meaning of "2012" really is, that we can now see with a sensitivity that is unique, if that is our choice. It's like we are being offered a new computer chip or even a brand new computer, if only we will say, "Yes!" to a conscious awareness of the presence of the Great Spirit Within us. And, unless you are very aware, you are going to miss the footsteps of the Great Spirit reaching all around you.

To become a host of the Great Spirit is to become a host of new possibilities, a host of the fullness of your heart and of the space within you where power can live, if you will only open the door. This is a time of power, and when I say power, I mean, it’s a time of taking your power and realizing your dream. You absolutely must define your dream, as I’ve said so many times.

If you could, imagine this as a truth, that the Great Dreamer is awakening, and the dream he has been dreaming for us disintegrates as he awakens. Now is the time we must each create our own dream. At last, we have the opportunity to become responsible, truly and absolutely, for the reality that we create.

And I send you this message because I understand the importance and the depth of what becoming the host really means. You may ask, “Where in all of the chaos, the stress, and the joy that I am feeling, where is the Great Spirit? Where is the presence of higher consciousness, and how in the world do I become the host in the first place?”

The answer is simple. You have already become the host in a really knowledgeable way if you have studied and grown your light in one way or another. And that is something you have all done; that is why you have chosen to receive this mailing. So, in other words, “When the host is ready, the party is given.”

In many ways, that is what we’re experiencing, whether we choose to recognize it, or not. This New Year is a celebration of all possibility, not of destruction. In a way, you can say that when a new piece of art is created, something had to be destroyed for it to come into existence, and that is the truth. But maybe, just maybe, in leaving behind what no longer serves you, you begin to realize that you are the disciple, and you are ready, and the presence of Divine energy welcomes you. And you create a feast together! You create a feast of the possibilities that are ahead of you, and as you do, the possibilities of light on this Mother Earth expand. You see her incredible sacredness and you see the paradise that will be created, so that each of us has a glowing, luminous dream that is beautiful and new.

Please join me in a prayer of new celebration:

As the morning light walks in the land, I think of you, Great Spirit, of the way you have illuminated the dark corners of my soul. Morning light, as you awaken the plants and glisten off the pine needles of these great trees, I hear you coming, Great Spirit. The birds sing their welcome and speak of your presence among us. In a blaze of splendor and golden light, you warm our lives. As the forest comes to life, I, too, am quickened, Great Spirit. I see you in the morning light, and my soul is filled with your beauty. My heart is full. HO!

In love and spirit,
Lynn Andrews