Thursday, May 30, 2013



We go through life seeing the world in a certain way. Then, things begin to change. The world becomes a little less focused. Time passes and what we thought we saw clearly, now becomes jagged and distorted. We begin to complain about the nature of things; they're just not the same. The world is collapsing, crumbling, and almost apocalyptic. Oh the humanity, things are not the way they used to be. We try everything in our power to change the world, to make things better and return to the good old days.

Then, one day, we have our eyes checked. Ooops, we discover we need glasses. We put them on and once again see order, brightness, smooth roads and clear skies. We begin to see the world correctly. It was not falling apart after all. It was our perception that was changing.

So my friends, when all looks to be crumbling and in turmoil, it may just be that we are really seeing  differently. The old paradigm isn't being destroyed, as such, we are just seeing a new one and the corrective lenses simply take a while to adjust.

Monday, May 13, 2013

"there’s no such thing as “Negative” energy"


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Melody knows what she's talking and says clearly and holds back on nothing. The excerpts below are so in keeping with basic premises of THE TRILOGY, that I just had to share.

"First of all, there’s no such thing as “Negative” energy. There is no dark force, no evil and no energy that will bring you down. There is love and there is the resistance to love/the lack of love/the absence of love. But that resistance or absence is not a force in its own right. That’s one of the biggest misunderstandings that many religions perpetuate in the world today. There’s no devil, no evil, and not even a watered down, light version of that called “negative energy”.

The great awaking

First, I’d like to answer the last part of your question: “It feels like we are preparing for something. I’m just not sure what.  Anyone else have this “sense”…?”
Yes, Awesome Dudette. I assure you that pretty much anyone and everyone with any kind of sensitivity to energy is experiencing what you are. It feels like something’s coming. Something big. Something awesome (ok, whether or not you are interpreting it as awesome or scary depends on your perspective, but you CAN experience it as awesome). And it seems to be speeding up.
We’re all feeling it. But what, exactly, are we feeling?
What we’re feeling is the rising energy (not negative energy, just energy). The vibration of the Universe is continuously rising. As frequencies get higher, they get faster, so everything is speeding up. The time between thought and manifestation is getting shorter.  It’s easier than ever to see the correlation between our focus and what shows up in our reality. But this also means that we have to be more responsible about what we place our powerful, reality creating focus on. We don’t have as much time to notice how we feel and correct our course before the physical manifestations show up. This can feel hectic and overwhelming (if you fight it or aren’t stable in your vibration), or it can feel like the best part of a roller coaster ride (Weeeeeeeeee!).