Saturday, January 30, 2010


From Yehuda Berg
"The Creator said, "let there be Light." That one sentence explains the power of creation. But it also explains our essence. God said let there be Light; but we, because we have to earn what we have, then said, "let there be darkness too," so that we can choose, so that we can become the creator of our own lives, the conductor of our own symphonies.

And when faced with Light or darkness, we all too often choose our anger, our fears, our failings.

Way back then, we said we need the darkness so we can achieve something. Somehow we've forgotten that the reason for being in the darkness is to choose Light.

If you don't go back to the source, that Light, you remain in the very darkness you chose to bear in this lifetime. Nothing is ever going to fill that darkness, nothing except for Light."

...Know that even the darkness is part of the plan.

WAKING GOD tells us that the darkness is indeed part of the plan. It is through darkness that we get to choose the Light and to take responsibility for our actions and our life. Actually, there is really no darkness, despite appearances, only lesser light.