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The Sacred Rota: Waking God Book Two Now Available

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“I have waited for some time, the arrival of this book and it was well worth the wait. Philip Harris and Brian Doe have done what no other authors have. They have captured what perhaps just might be the behind the scenes of what goes on in our world each and every day and they bring it to light for the rest of us to see. This is not just a story but a learning experience. What an amazing read. Can't wait for the next one!” Katrina Stiles
WritingWithStiles, Book Reviewer

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“I read Waking God II The Sacred Rota, by Brian L Doe and Philip F Harris. This is a sequel to Waking God, published in 2006, or really a continuation of a three part story. It is a science fantasy theological thriller, odd as that combination may seem to be. The final battle is developing, and while they do argue theology, there are also people getting killed wholesale as the several themes slowly integrate. I am agnostic, with no belief in the supernatural, but as before, I found portions of the discussion more interesting than the action. Here's when Lucifer harangues an Archangel: “You create demons and false hopes of redemption. You build them mighty temples and give with one hand and slaughter with the other. You have kept them separate and ignorant and give just enough to raise empty hopes. You destroy their prophets and burn their seers. If they question, you put them to the rack and crush all semblance of free thought. You give them a doctrine of poverty and offer riches in your fantasy heaven. Kill in the name of god and your treasure shall be immeasurable. You divide them and thus conquer them, and tell them they have no responsibility but to be good sheep and to follow your demented dictates.” This strikes me as an apt description of global religion. I was intrigued by the Tarot discussion, because I did some research there, thirty years ago, when writing Tarot and devising my own 100 card Animation Tarot deck, because the established decks are clearly incomplete. I conjecture that one author in this collaboration knows how to write, and the other knows his occult lore, because they clearly have done their Tarot homework. So this is a novel worth reading, but it will help to have an open mind. I fault it for developing serious characters who may then be thrown away, or suddenly having new significant characters for whom there was no prior reference. (But it turned out I had forgotten that one of those was in the prior novel. That will be clarified in the published edition of this one.) So I think it needs better overall organization, but there is nevertheless much here that you probably won't find in the tacitly expurgated traditional press.” (June 2008)


WAKING GOD BOOK II: THE SACRED ROTA opens doors that many would prefer stay closed. Continuing with the fast paced action of Book I, humanity is beset with growing problems reminiscent of the ancient Biblical plagues. The battle between the Archangel Michael and Mantrella (a.k.a. Lucifer) intensifies as conception of the Old Testament’s Adam becomes a certainty. The rise to power of the UN’s David Dajjal, a puppet of Michael’s, sets the stage for world domination by the Bilderberg Group. New information is revealed about the Tarot Code, the blueprint for man’s future spiritual and physical evolution, and the role of the church’s Sacred Rota in the epic conspiracy to keep humanity in ignorance and ancient institutions in power. Will the hidden god seed in our DNA be activated with Adam’s birth or will secret powers maintain their domination of our destiny?

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Nostradamus & The Tarot Code
By Philip F. Harris

I hope to shed some light on the current popular interpretations of the symbols presented on the History Channel television documentary "Lost Book of Nostradamus" as sadly lacking in efficacy. In doing so, the current buzz around this book will have done Nostradamus and humanity a great disservice. It is important to keep in mind that current interpretations are geared to a comparison of the text to Christian ideology, myths, and scriptures. Most of the analysis is focused upon comparing Nostradamus, prophecies of the Bible, and to a larger extent, revelations in the Bible. These efforts appear self-serving and self-fulfilling.

Nostradamus was a mystic with ties to several secret societies, most notably the Rose Cross. In this context, new levels of observation come to light when viewing the images contained in the text. As a matter of fact, if one examines The Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians, it will be clear that there is more than meets the eye with respect to the intent and meaning of the Nostradamus prophecies. Many interpretations today of Tarot symbols make it clear that their understanding is not at the esoteric levels.

In my co-authored novel "Waking God," the concept of a Tarot Code was introduced. The book is a mystical treatise in the guise of a spiritual thriller, and states that the Tarot has its roots in imagery that preceded the Assyrian Empire and has been carried forth into the modern era. These symbols provide a pictorial history of human evolution as well as clues or prophecies regarding our future. These symbols are found in almost every civilization, and yet are understood by only a few.
The symbols of Nostradamus transcend those images often touted by biblical scholars as messages of doom and world's end; however, the only real accurate statement with these interpretations is that the prophecies give clues as to the Apocalypse. But even here, it is important to remember that the term "apocalypse" does not mean the end of the world. The word means "revelation, to uncover, knowledge revealed" and not Armageddon or the destruction of the physical world. The term apocalypse has been hijacked by religious dogma to frighten unsuspecting followers into believing that all prophecies that deal with the word apocalypse support their notion that one day, deity will destroy its creation and only the faithful will survive. The "apocalypse" of Nostradamus deals with the "end of lies," not the "end of times."

It should be understood that the true and inner meaning behind the words of Nostradamus concerns humanity's spiritual awakening. The prophecies are a light post aimed at leading humanity into a new era of spirituality that is devoid of dogma and founded upon the notion of personal spiritual enlightenment. The symbols of Nostradamus and the Tarot are not about an anti-Christ. Throughout religious history biblical texts, taken out of context, have been used to justify all manner of crime and injustice. The prophecies of Nostradamus are another voice crying out in the wilderness of human history urging us to change our ways and enter a period of great enlightenment. It is incumbent upon modern interpreters of these messages not to fall into the age-old religious trap of using these words of wisdom to frighten humanity into a set of self-fulfilling prophecies.

One thing must be clear from the outset. Nostradamus is not a purveyor of doom and gloom. He does not predict the end of the world, nor does he foretell of the "second coming" of anyone. Regardless of the words, he does not believe in an anti-Christ. Nostradamus does not tell "all" in the quatrains, rather he reveals his mysteries in his symbols.

The quatrains are like the parables that are understood by the few. They are inner truths reserved for the initiates. While many quibble over the meaning of the words, they fail to see the heart that lies beneath. The Universe speaks in images and symbols, and Nostradamus was a tool of the Universe. He was an initiate of the highest order and it is to his symbols one must turn to grasp the rudiments of the words. They go hand in hand. They are the duality that shapes these symbols and became what are commonly called the Tarot. That Nostradamus used that symbology is indisputable. His real story is in the picture and not the text.
To begin to understand the inner message of Nostradamus, all religious connotations must be cast aside. Do not think of the images of the Pope as necessarily being the literal Pope. Do not see the serpent as evil, see it as wisdom. Contrary to very popular belief and error, the burning tower does not represent the end of the world. The tower is man's dogma undergoing purification of the spiritual fire. Even Jesus said he came to "baptize by fire." I doubt he meant he wanted to burn everyone in the flames of Inquisition.
What is Nostradamus telling us? He speaks to our current time in history. He tells us that the world is in chaos. Our leaders are ineffectual, religion has lost its purpose, and that a great transformation is nearing. He indicates that the transformation is not the result of a mythical "second coming" but rather, must stem from the higher thoughts of man, a man that reconnects mentally with the center of All That Is in order to break our cycle of destruction and ignorance. The time is getting close. And as the Hopi have said, "it is we who we have been waiting for."
Featured Article in the Spring 2009 Issue of Voice of the Magazine which will be published on March 1st, 2009: All online subscribers receive a free copy of the hard copy glossy with their subscription.

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“I, Jesus, have sent My angel to testify to you these things in the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, the Bright and Morning Star.”

—Revelation 22:16

Lucifer \‘lü-sĕ-fĕr\ noun [Middle English, the morning star, a fallen rebel archangel, from Latin, the morning star, from lucifer light-bearing, from luc-, lux light + -fer –ferous….]

“And if you look within yourself, Andrew, you will come to see that what I say is real. The Lords were given the opportunity to partake of free will, which is inherent in all created things, since it is the nature of the creator. Some saw no need for free will and chose to simply be of service to the Lord God. They would not cross the Veil, for they feared the idea of feeling separated from the Source of their creator.”
“And this is the Veil?” Andrew questioned, raising his arms to all that surrounded them in the den.
“Not exactly. The Veil is that space between reality and actuality, your world and ours. Even though the Lords knew that the feeling of separation was illusory, they simply could not break conscious contact with the Light. Remember, the manifestation of the physical requires duality—positive and negative. However, the negative has no actuality. In effect, the negative does not really exist as anything more than a concept. If there is only light, it is impossible to know that light exists unless the idea of no light, or darkness, is introduced. But darkness is a non-thing and has no real existence.”
“There can be no concept of good unless you introduce the notion of something less than good,” Andrew said. “Hot means nothing without cold, up without down, right without left. There could not be a chair unless there was no chair.”
“Perfect,” Mantrella commended, proud of his new student, “but there is no such thing as no chair,” he clarified. “You cannot possess such a thought. The physical is made manifest, or is defined by, what it is not—its opposite. Since the opposite is something that is not, its existence is an illusion; it has reality, but not actuality. In the so-called spiritual realm, all things potentially exist and can only be made manifest when a place opens within which a single potential—a thing—can be made to appear. Consequently, man had two options: remain as potential, a seed; or partake of life and flower to achieve a level of godhood, based upon the experience of the manifest world.
“When Adam was formed, the angels—the Lords—bowed to the perfection of his potential. I did not. I will only bow when the potential is made manifest. There was no fall, no sin, and no banishment. When presented with the choice, Adam—humanity—chose the Tree of Knowledge. Man chose to undertake the journey into the physical world, to cross the Veil and to enter an evolutionary path that began in a state of forgetfulness. The Prodigal embarked upon his path of wisdom, and the rest stayed home, fearful of such a journey. Man was to experience separation, isolation, individuality, the positive and the negative. Adam went to sleep and to this day has still not awakened. I placed the seed of knowledge into the Vessel, Eve, and she told Adam to open his eyes, and she gave him Knowledge. Man would go where gods could not, and where the angels dared not.”

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This group is a major player in THE SACRED ROTA. If it scares you, it should, it is real!

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To Andrew, all religions were but a history of God and contrary to their own beliefs. Institutions of faith were required to change since God’s story changed, even though God was considered both immutable and ever-changing. However, the conservative nature of the world’s churches refused to bend. Religion, Andrew offered, was like a chapter in a history book that simply resisted and did not want to become the next chapter, because it felt that if it became “history,” then it would no longer exist. He went on to argue that “human genes show us that history is still alive and makes up a part of what mankind is today and what it will be tomorrow.” In other words, a book with missing pages just didn’t work. The existence of previously “read” pages was integral to the story, and its continued existence was essential to humanity’s complete understanding—and God’s understanding—of the whole story, the whole Self.
The clergy, and those tied to churchianity, didn’t like the notion that they represented only a small and incomplete page in God’s Great Book. They found themselves instead caught in a master paradox: they existed in the present, and yet claimed to know Truth. To know Truth, however, one must have read the entire book. To have read the entire book, one must have been outside of time in order to have escaped the “now.” Since the known world had “apparent” limits, Andrew insisted that it would seem impossible to read a “limitless” book while being manifest; therefore, religion was but a few pages in a four-billion-and-counting-page volume...

“I know the idea of thinking during the summer is heresy, but you may be required to write about this topic for your first term project next fall.”
Moans and groans welcomed the idea of next fall’s projects for aspiring theology graduate students, though there existed a silent understanding among them all that Dr. Andrew was the professor to study under if any desired to be considered freethinkers in the academic theological world.
“Every major point in history can be traced back to a precipitating event,” he began. “This event is the immediate cause, but it is also itself an effect. Let’s consider some examples. The American Revolution: the precipitating event was the ‘shot heard ‘round the world.’ World War I: the assassination of Ferdinand. World War II: Hitler invades Poland. Civil Rights: Martin Luther King is killed.” He paused for a moment, then added, “Christianity: the Crucifixion.
“These events are obviously not the underlying cause of great historical moments, but rather are the final straw, if you will—that which precipitates the next great event. Consider the American Revolution again. One can make a long list of causes, or reasons as to why there was revolution—the tax issue, no representation, unfair commerce laws, indifference on the part of the King, et cetera. All of these causes built a pressure in the colonies. That pressure was released when the first shot was fired in Lexington. Likewise, pressure built around Martin Luther King; pressure built in Germany, in Iraq, in czarist Russia. Finally, in each case, an event occurred—a precipitating event—that allowed the pressure to be released. Such events are frequently attributed to one person—the assassin for example—or to a small group of people. Those who blew up the World Trade Center, for instance. In other words, millions of people may well be affected by the event, but they do not participate in the event itself.
“Wondering what this has to do with theology?”

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Is Lucifer humanity’s savior? Lucifer, the Light Bearer and THE MORNING STAR, is called, erroneously, the devil, serpent and Satan. He is pitted as the arch enemy of God, who tempted man to do evil and whose fate lies in a pit of fire. All very interesting, and all very wrong. If the ‘faithful’ would just do a little research they would find that Lucifer is not evil incarnate, nor is he the enemy of man and God, at least the true God. I sometimes, well most of the time; wonder if anyone actually reads the Bible. Here are some quotes with some phrases with some highlights:
“For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened. And ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.
And the Lord God said, Behold, this man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live forever…”
And, of course, the so called God placed guards, Cherubims with flaming swords, to keep everyone away from the tree of life. Aside from the question, who is the US, God is referring to, it is clear that God said that man has become one of us, gods. It is the serpent who gave man wisdom and God who kept man from completing the transformation. It is the serpent, who the faithful call evil, interesting to say the least.

The WAKING GOD TRILOGY explores this issue. One of its main characters, Mantrella (a.k.a. Lucifer) offers to Andrew and his friends a truer picture of the genesis and destiny of man. Is the Light Bringer really evil? Was God just pissed off because man would no longer sit around and sing praises? Was it really capital G, God, that banished Adam or a lesser g, god that did the deed? What did Jesus really mean when he clearly said, “DID I NOT SAY YE ARE GODS.”
What follows are some interesting excerpts to ponder. Discover more in the TRILOGY.

It is said of the Pentagram, “If an apple is cut in half across its equator then the pattern of the seed is revealed, a perfect five-pointed star or pentagram…Five, comprised of the feminine number 2 and the masculine number 3, is the number of harmony, of the union of opposites and of marriage. It is also the number of humankind because of the five points of the extremity of the human body. When Eve gave Adam the Apple of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden, therefore, it was not just a piece of fruit she was offering, but a potent symbol of wisdom.

Eating the fruit that contains the pentagram resulted in a profound awakening for Adam and Eve…they realized they could make their own choices…The pentagram is the sign of Venus, both the planet known as THE MORNING STAR, and the Goddess.” (Secret Signs and Symbols, Nozedar)

“There are no passages within the older parts of the Hebrew Scriptures where Satan is portrayed as an evil devil - the arch enemy of God and of humanity. At most, he is described as a henchman who carries out God's evil instructions. There is no dualism here between two powerful supernatural entities: an all-good God and an all-evil Satan. God is portrayed as performing, directly and indirectly, both kind and evil deeds. When:
plagues are to be sent, or
a great genocidal flood is created to kill off almost all of humanity, except for Noah and his family, or
Onan was killed because he practiced an elementary form of birth control, in violation of a cultural tradition, or
Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed because its residents were abusive to the needy and to strangers, or
Lot's wife is turned into a pillar of salt because she looked the wrong way,
it is God who does it. In essence, the ancient writers of the early Hebrew Scriptures looked upon Jehovah as performing both good and evil deeds. A good indication of this is found in:
Isaiah 45:6-7:
"...I am the LORD and there is none else. I form the light and create darkness. I make peace an create evil. I the LORD do all these things." (KJV)
or in Job 9:22-23:
“... [God] destroys both the blameless and the wicked. When a scourge brings sudden death, he mocks the despair of the innocent." (i.e. laughs at the suffering of the victim)
or in Lamentations 3:37-38:
"Who has commanded and it came to pass, unless the Lord has ordained it? Is it not from the mouth of the Most High that good and evil come?"
During the last three centuries before Christ's birth, the portrayal of Satan underwent a major change. The Zoroastrian / Persian dualism concept appeared in Jewish writing: God was now looked upon as wholly good; Satan as profoundly evil. History was seen as a battle between them. No longer was Satan simply God's prosecuting attorney, helper, or lackey. Satan, and his demons, were now humanity's greatest enemies.
Author G. Messandé 1 theorizes that from the middle of the 5th century BCE until 53 BC and later, the Jews were on particularly good terms with the Persians. From the latter's religion, Zoroastrianism, the Jews picked up a number of concepts: the immortality of the soul, angels, and Satan. Of the 3 main divisions of Judaism (Essenes, Pharisees, Saducees) in the 1st century BCE, the Essenes seems to have focused the most on Satan.

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Christians like to think that the concept of one God originated with them. This is simply not true. Read the following excerpts and do additional research. Remove your blinders and lat the WAKING GOD within come to fruition.

“Monotheistic means that the sense of divinity is translated into the quest for or worship of one single God. All various forms of monotheism are generally classified in three major religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. But advances in logic mathematics allow many to conclude that science is the fourth great monotheistic religion; its coveted objective the Grand Unified Theory or the Theory Of Everything; its certainties as much leaning on belief as any other faith. Advances in quantum mechanics and chaos theory have revealed that science, the way it is conducted and the conclusions it derives, is highly similar to the intellectual thrust that once brought forth the three much older monotheisms.

These four religions are generally seen as opposing but are more aptly characterized as adjacent, as all are derived from or are highly identical to an ancient text: the Pentateuch, or Five Books of Moses, the sources of which originated sometime around 1500 BC. Though highly spiritual and scientific in nature, the Pentateuch initially served as Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the people of Israel, the descendants of Jacob, the grandson of arch-father Abraham (as the story goes). To this Abraham, who lived five centuries before Moses, the promise was given that his descendants would bless the whole earth, and they would be like the dust of the earth. "When the dust of the earth can be numbered," God said to Abraham, "then your descendants shall also be numbered."

“The effect of these doctrines can be seen in the sun worship of Pharaoh Akhenaton, who became an uncompromising monotheist. Aldred has speculated that monotheism was Akhenaton’s own idea, the result of regarding Aten as a self-created heavenly king whose son, the pharaoh, was also unique. Akhenaton made Aten the supreme state god, symbolized as a rayed disk with each sunbeam ending in a ministering hand. Other gods were abolished, their images smashed, their names excised, their temples abandoned, and their revenues impounded. The plural word for god was suppressed. Sometime in the fifth or sixth year of his reign, Akhenaton moved his capital to a new city called Akhenaton (present-day Tall al Amarinah, also seen as Tell al Amarna). At that time, the pharaoh, previously known as Amenhotep IV, adopted the name Akhenaten. His wife, Queen Nefertiti, shared his beliefs.”
“We have to acknowledge that the religion of Aten, founded during the Egyptian New Kingdom by an inspired young Pharaoh of the Eighteenth Dynasty and his Great royal wife, Lady of the Two Lands, was intuitively a truly correct monotheism, exactly adapted to what our scientific discoveries now lead us to consider as possible, if not certain.
The first known and documented religion of only one god was imposed for a few years to the Kingdom, - or rather to the Court of Egypt, as it could not infuse the whole population in such a short time, - by Pharaoh Amenhotep IV, who then took the name of Akhenaten. He tried to lead all his subjects into an impetus - both reasoned and mystical - towards a divine force mastering everything in the world. The episode was short-lived, beautiful, - and dramatic.
The queen was beautiful. The sovereigns decided to build a new City of Light along the Nile, named Akhenaton or "the Horizon of Aten", which was beautiful. The Pharaoh's wisdom was beautiful. Life in Akhenaton, rich as the Court of the Pharaohs was at the time, with food, flowers, art, gold and riches of various kinds all plentiful, was serene and easy for a dozen of years approximately.
Akhenaton had a dramatic illness, or rather a sort of hormonal dysfunction, which gave him a bizarre body. The sovereigns' fight against the priests of the old Egyptian gods was dramatic, all along their tenure. The couple had six children, - all girls, which was dramatic for the succession to the throne; and they lost three of them during childhood. As they were stubborn pacifists, the Empire soon lost many of its border provinces. They both died young, and the future of their religion had not been secured. The new city was abandoned, and later destroyed. Several of the subsequent pharaohs did all they could to erase any trace of what Akhenaton and Nefertiti had thought, written and created.
The Aten religion, so soon declared heretic, disappeared completely, until some traces of it were discovered, late in the XIXth Century, near the village of Tell-el-Amarna, exactly where Akhenaton had been built and buried. We have a limited quantity of art pieces and of correspondence of the time, and two of the Hymns written by Akhenaton.
Aten was a god already known in Egypt when the young Pharaoh was enthroned, but his dedication to re-define this divinity as unique created a completely new philosophy of life. Aten had the sun as symbol, but the worship was for light itself and for cosmic energy, rather than for the solar disk in the sky. Akhenaton produced the first idea of the universe seen as "a god's continuing creative activity" (1). For proof of it, we can examine some verses of the Hymns to the Aten :

O you sole God, whose powers no other possesses,
You did create the Earth according to your desire
While you were alone :
Men, all cattle large and small,
All that are upon the earth, (..)
You set every man in his place,
You supply their necessities,
Every one has his possessions,
And his days are reckoned.

You made the distant heaven in order to rise therein,
In order to behold all that you did make,
When you were alone.

You make the beauty of form through yourself alone,
Cities, towns, and settlements, on highway or on river,
All eyes see you before them,
For you are Aten, Lord of the day over the earth.

There is no other that knows you, save your son Akhenaton.
You have made him wise in your designs
And in your might.
The world is in your hand,
Even as you have made them. (2)
Sand blown by the desert wind accumulated itself in sculptor Tuthmes' workshop, when Akhetaten was abandoned. The very famous painted limestone-and-plaster bust of Queen Nefertiti landed softly on the dust, when its wooden stand became rotten and collapsed.”
“Moreover, the "local religious history" in the Migdol Temple just so happens to have occurred at the same time ¬ and in the same region ¬ as the founding of religious monotheism recorded in the Old Testament. The Migdol Temple was in use during the arrival of the Israelites and the establishment of the kingdoms of Israel and Judah ¬ an event that marked the foundation of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. It is in this respect that the excavations have had another bit of exciting ¬ and somewhat shocking ¬ religious history to reveal.
During the approximately 800 years of its occupation, those who used the Migdol Temple slowly changed their Bronze Age polytheistic beliefs into Iron Age "henotheistic" beliefs, a period during which officials allowed communities to believe in more than one god, but encouraged them to concentrate their veneration on one god over all others.
Known as "state monotheism," the most famous example of this change in belief is that of Yahweh in Israel. But according to Bourke, archaeological evidence is revealing that this new emphasis on one god was not reserved for the Israelites, but occurred simultaneously in several nation states throughout the Middle East, with Yahweh in Israel, Hadad in Damascus, Milkom in A mman, Chemos in Moab (in present-day Jordan) and Qos in Edom (in present-day Israel).”

The WAKING GOD TRILOGY seeks to put an end to WORN OUT DOGMA. If humanity is to enter a Great Awakening, they must gain a true grasp of their spiritual roots. Think for yourself and do not accept the dictates of those who claim to hold the power of God over you. They are all just like you. They have no monopoly on truth.

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The Sacred Rota: Waking God Book Two

The Sacred Rota: Waking God Book Two

- Brian L. Doe & Philip F. Harris

eBook ISBN 1-934037-54-0

WAKING GOD BOOK II: THE SACRED ROTA opens doors that many would prefer stay closed. Continuing with the fast paced action of Book I, humanity is beset with growing problems reminiscent of the ancient Biblical plagues. The battle between the Archangel Michael and Mantrella (a.k.a. Lucifer) intensifies as conception of the Old Testament?s Adam becomes a certainty. The rise to power of the UN',s David Dajjal, a puppet of Michael's, sets the stage for world domination by the Bilderberg Group. New information is revealed about the Tarot Code, the blueprint for man's future spiritual and physical evolution, and the role of the church's Sacred Rota in the epic conspiracy to keep humanity in ignorance and ancient institutions in power. Will the hidden god seed in our DNA be activated with Adam's birth or, will secret powers maintain their domination of our destiny?