Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Feeling the Mayan Calendar Predictions?


I've now completed more than half the cites on our initial Twelfth Insight book tour, and the most common comment from readers is this: We're already feeling the phenomenon you're pointing out.

Much has happened since the release - the full-scale democracy movement in the Middle East, and earthquakes and tremors in the active "ring of fire" region around the Pacific Ocean, especially the terrible one in Japan. In light of these events, discussions with readers have focused on the fact, coming from the best scholarship on the Mayan Calendar, that this calendar does not foresee the end of the world. And thus, the seismic events should not be seen as an apocalyptic sign.

Read Carl Calleman's comments on the subject at www.calleman.com/content/articles/Japan_earthquake.htm

The Calendar is, without a doubt, a predictive instrument, and has been quite accurate forecasting the evolution of human society and our intellectual and social progress. In fact, its predictions have been very accurate for thousands of years. This accuracy seems even more pronounced concerning our present time, as readers' comments attest. Something, indeed, is happening, that we can already feel.

For our current time period, the calendar predicts a very important shift that it calls the 9th and final stage of divine creation, one that will bring a Unity Consciousness to humanity. When was it supposed to begin? March 9, 2011. What precisely have we been feeling? Clearly, exactly what was predicted: more Unity Consciousness with each other.

Regarding Japan, it feels like a new level of emotional empathy with what people there are going through, as though it is happening to ourselves, or a family member. Regarding the democracy movements, we are more connected and supportive, because the urge to confront corruption is something we're all feeling at the same time. We want to make the world better for everyone.

Yet in the Twelfth Insight book, I argue that what we are feeling is coming upon us in a series of integrations, small shifts in clarity about the matter - in other words, we're getting more connected not just with others but with the rest of ourselves, our higher right brain wisdom which feels like a greater intuitive help in directing our lives.

The Mayan Calendar inscriptions suggest this new Unity Consciousness is coming into us in stages, metaphorically like one would cultivate a garden, only it is a consciousness within ourselves that we are cultivating. First there is the seeding, or intention to cultivate, then there is a sprouting, then leaf formation, and so on, each symbolic of a shift in consciousness that can be proved to oneself every step of the way.

You get the idea. In another article coming soon I will elaborate on these precise downloads. For now I'll be getting ready to be back on the road. Remember that we have free will. This consciousness will not be imposed on us. Yet, on the other hand, never has it been easier to tune in.

- James

This same positive message is in tune with the WAKING GOD TRILOGY. We all have choices to make and the Trilogy brings you to the TIME OF CHOOSING that will be found in the soon to be released BOOK III: THE SECOND COMING OF HUMANITY.