Tuesday, January 27, 2009


As with most philosophies we do not claim to have originated all of the ideas in WAKING GOD. Truth is ancient and is the underpinning of all rational thought. There are those who say that there are no original ideas. With respect to the notion that Jesus did not die on a cross there are numerous sources that dispute that claim. In the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Second Treatise of the Great Seth, we find that “it was another…who drank the gall and the vinegar; it was not I. They struck me with the reed; it was another, Simon, who bore the cross on his shoulder. It was another upon whom they placed the crown of thorns. But I was rejoicing in the height…And I was laughing over their ignorance.” If one has the initiative to search out publications of the Rosae Crucis, he will find in works dealing with the Mystical Life of Jesus and The Secret Teachings of Jesus information that supports the notion that not only did Jesus not die on the cross, but also that he continued the inner work of his teachings for many years later in an Essene community. And in the Gospel of Philip we find that, “I have suffered none of the things which they say of me; even that suffering which I showed to you and the rest in my dance, I will that it be called a mystery.” You may question these and other related sources, but the fact remains that there is a difference of opinion regarding the truth of the crucifixion.

There has been much talk recently regarding various ancient codes that, when properly analyzed, may reveal truths that contradict common wisdom. In a book titled The Cipher of Genesis by Carlo Suares we see the Qabalah as a means to decipher ancient scripture. In this book we find that “woman does not issue from a rib of Adam; she is not called Eve; she does not disobey; there is no question of sin.” These notions would obviously not sit well with those who insist that the path to salvation is to go to their church every week. What is perhaps even more profound in the Cipher is a totally different interpretation of man’s origin and purpose.

One such interpretation says, “…Genesis proposes a total reversal of our so-called thinking, which for thousands of years has immersed us in our dreams. This reversal may be understood by asking ourselves whether all of the phenomenon of our consciousness…whether all of these are elements contained in our mind, or if, on the contrary, they are our containers…”

In a book titled Old Testament Wisdom by Manley Hall, a must read, the issue of man’s feud with angels is touched upon. He notes, “Adam was greater than the angels because in him converged all the laws, principles, and images of the heavenly archetype.” It is in this notion that our book raises the basic issue concerning the role of angels in the affairs of man. After thousands of years our guardians have not had a stellar performance. Further, if one looks at the Old Testament, who carries out the destructive orders of the jealous and vengeful God? And in the New Testament who rains plague and pestilence down upon humanity?

Another controversial work is called Genisis by David Wood. This book has been touted by a co-author of Holy Blood, Holy Grail as well as by a Grand Master of a so-called secret society. While much is revealed by Wood the following is of significance to Waking God: “How little of the old secret doctrine was understood is illustrated in the atrocious persecution of the Templars by the Church and the accusation that they worshipped the devil in the shape of a goat, Baphomet…but any student of the occult will tell you that the devil, by whatever he may be called, is the symbol of God’s representative and the purest creation on earth.” This notion was attributed to Madam Blavastky. He further cites a poem by Charles Peguy which states in part, “The arms of Jesus are the Cross of Lorraine…The arms of Satan are the Cross of Lorraine.” He goes on to quote G. H. who questions in Earth’s Earliest Ages, “May there not be great significance in the fact that the very name of Satan passes through its Chaldaic form Sheitan, into the Greek Titan, which the last word is used by Greek and Latin poets as a designation of the Sun-God?...He, Satan, holds the legitimate title of ‘Prince of This World;’…with the royal prerogatives which of right pertain to it, was conferred upon him by God Himself…the Devil is not to be confused with Satan.” Satan, the devil, and Lucifer…are they one and the same? No! The devil is an illusion. Are Satan and Lucifer one and the same? No, not exactly. You do the research. Are Jesus and Lucifer one and the same? Lucifer means Morning Star or light bearer. In the Bible Jesus says, “I AM…THE BRIGHT AND MORNING STAR” (Revelation 22:16).

WAKING GOD uses these ideas in developing a framework within which we discover that HUMANITY is responsible for ITS own creation and reality. We are evolving gods in progress. As Jesus said, "DID I NOT SAY YE ARE GODS."

Monday, January 26, 2009


WE CLAIM THAT "WAKING GOD" IS TRANSFORMATIONAL. Hell, anyone can claim that. However, here are several comments about BOOK I that add to our claim.

…an introduction to a new philosophy disguised as a work of fiction. A fascinating journey through the world of religious theory, it is a work that will bring questions to believers and non-believers alike. Doe and Harris have offered an alternative view of “God,” of the foundations of all organized religions and the evolution of the world itself. In a work of breathtaking depth and scope they have proposed an alternative theory that binds brilliantly with the current events of our world. It destroys the allegiances of man to churches that promise safety in return for blind obedience. It offers a world where man must accept his own personal actions and the choices he makes. Barb Radmore, Front Street Reviews

A fast moving story with thriller aspects, interspersed by serious religious discussions...there is real thinking here. A provocative novel, part thriller, part religion. It should make you think. A worthy novel." Read more in http://www.hipiers.com/newsletter.html. Piers Anthony, New York Times Bestselling Author

I like that for once, someone has had the kahuna's for lack of a better term to make people really think about life, their beliefs, where and how we came to be… Katrina Stiles, Alternative-Read.com

WAKING GOD is not an easy book to pin down in a couple of words. It’s a thriller, but doesn’t seem quite comfortable in that category. It’s definitely a religious book, but not of any of the established religions, and in fact quite opposed to them. It’s likely to appeal to many of the Da Vinci Code fans, but it’s not a copycat. David Ausema, OnceWritten.com

Waking God is a story of biblical conflict and otherworldly intrigue, in which fantasy and science fiction meet the time-honored traditions of spiritual discourse and conspiratorial essence… Howard Perlman, Staff Writer for the AU Eagle Metro/National Section

Waking God is at once captivating, deeply thought provoking, and spiritually inspiring. Marvin D. Wilson, Author of I Romanced the Stone and Own Fiddler
"What if every Truth you had ever been told was really a mosaic of falsehoods? What if every religious institution that preached salvation was actually an agent of oppression? Epic in scope, Waking God is a fast paced supernatural thriller that blazes across mystical locations and panoramic scenery. Christopher Friesen, Book Pleasures.com

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Deep within humanity is a genetic code, the god seed. There are two people—MARA and ANDREW—who each possess an active half of the god seed code. This code was placed in humanity by ADAM who, when created, was to be exalted even above the angels. The angels did not and do not like this situation. They also do not like ADAM’s plan to dream himself into physical reality when the two halves of the code come together. When God created ADAM he subsequently put ADAM to sleep—a sleep from which he was never awoken. It is in ADAM’s dreams that we find the world as we know it today. The angels serve a purpose in the dream world, but they will have little purpose if ADAM comes into the physical. ADAM’s ally is a person named MANTRELLA, meaning “Morning Star”. Here is the eternal struggle: The Archangel MICHAEL vs. MANTRELLA. The question posed is who really represents humanity’s best interests?
WAKING GOD has been termed a “spiritual thriller.” It is a spiritual treatise in the guise of a novel which is part prophetic, part heresy, and totally transformational.