Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How the World's Weather Could Quickly Run Amok

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Climate scientists think a perfect storm of climate "flips" could cause massive upheavals in a matter of years.

I've talked about tipping points in other blogs, and the Waking God Trilogy speaks of 'precipitating events' when that final event creates the cascade that is unstoppable. The key point here is that change CAN happen quickly. Read the post about what happened 5200 years ago and see more of what I'm talking about. Do not be deluded, lulled to sleep in your vigilance. Change is all around us, a wave that seeks every corner, every nook of our existence, and it is growing in intensity. We are not talking a hundred, fifty, twenty-five or even ten years from now. Just look out your window!

The real nightmare scenario is when all these changes begin to rein- force one another. The Arctic loses its summer sea ice, causing Greenland's ice to melt and encouraging the boreal forests to change as well. The freshwater runoff changes the thermohaline dynamics and affects the jet stream. The El NiƱo–Southern Oscillation and the Amazon interact in such a way as to reinforce one another, perhaps affecting the monsoon in India and Africa. "It wouldn't be such a silly thing to say that if you meddle with one, you might affect the other," says Lenton. "Which direction the causality would go is not always obvious. We know it's connected, we know it's nonlinear, we know they somehow couple together. When you see one change, you see changes in the other."
"Then we start talking about domino dynamics," says Lenton. "The worse case would be that kind of scenario in which you tip one thing and that encourages the tipping of another. You get these cascading effects."

Monday, May 21, 2012


The last Mayan cycle was around 5,200 years ago. So did anything happen? Is there any reason to have concern as to what happens at the end of these cycles? Search what happened 10, 400 years ago. Look at the news headlines and see if you can spot any corollaries between this article and current events.

(The story embargoed until 1:40 PM PT Wednesday, December 15, 2004, to coincide with presentation at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco.)


COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Glaciologist Lonnie Thompson worries that he may have found clues that show history repeating itself, and if he is right, the result could have important implications to modern society.
Thompson has spent his career trekking to the far corners of the world to find remote ice fields and then bring back cores drilled from their centers. Within those cores are the records of ancient climate from across the globe.
Lonnie Thompson
From the mountains of data drawn by analyzing countless ice cores, and a meticulous review of sometimes obscure historic records, Thompson and his research team at Ohio State University are convinced that the global climate has changed dramatically.
But more importantly, they believe it has happened at least once before, and the results were nearly catastrophic to emerging cultures at the time. He outlined his interpretations and fears today at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco.
A professor of geological sciences at Ohio State and a researcher with the Byrd Polar Research Center, Thompson points to markers in numerous records suggesting that the climate was altered suddenly some 5,200 years ago with severe impacts.

Evidence shows that around 5,200 years ago, solar output first dropped precipitously and then surged over a short period. It is this huge solar energy oscillation that Thompson believes may have triggered the climate change he sees in all those records.

He points to perfectly preserved plants he discovered that recently emerged from the Quelccaya ice cap in the Peruvian Andes as that glacier retreats. This monstrous glacier, some 551 feet (168 meters) deep, has shown an exponentially increasing rate of retreat since his first observations in 1963.
The plants were carbon-dated to determine their age and tests indicated they had been buried by the ice for perhaps 5,200 years. That suggests that somehow, the climate had shifted suddenly and severely to capture the plants and preserve them until now.
In 1991, hikers found the preserved body of a man trapped in an Alpine glacier and freed as it retreated. Later tests showed that the human – dubbed Oetzi – became trapped and died around 5,200 years ago.
Thompson points to a study of tree rings from Ireland and England that span a period of 7,000 years. The point in that record when the tree rings were narrowest – suggesting the driest period experienced by the trees – was approximately 5,200 years ago.
He points to ice core records showing the ratio of two oxygen isotopes retrieved from the ice fields atop Africa’s Mount Kilimanjaro. A proxy for atmospheric temperature at the time snow fell, the records are at their lowest 5,200 years before now.
He lists the shift by the Sahara Desert from a habitable region to a barren desert; major changes in plant pollen uncovered from lakebed cores in South America, and the record lowest levels of methane retrieved from ice cores from Greenland and Antarctica and all occurred at the same time – 5,200 years ago.
“Something happened back at this time and it was monumental,” Thompson said. “But it didn’t seem monumental to humans then because there were only approximately 250 million people occupying the planet, compared to the 6.4 billion we now have.
“The evidence clearly points back to this point in history and to some event that occurred. It also points to similar changes occurring in today’s climate as well,” he said.
“To me, these are things we really need to be concerned about.”
The impact of a climate change of that magnitude on a modern world would be tremendous, he said. Seventy percent of the population lives in the world’s tropics and major climate changes would directly impact most of them.
Thompson believes that the 5,200-year old event may have been caused by a dramatic fluctuation in solar energy reaching the earth. Scientists know that a historic global cooling called the Little Ice Age, from 1450 to 1850 A.D., coincided with two periods of decreased solar activity.
Evidence shows that around 5,200 years ago, solar output first dropped precipitously and then surged over a short period. It is this huge solar energy oscillation that Thompson believes may have triggered the climate change he sees in all those records.
“The climate system is remarkably sensitive to natural variability,” he said. “It’s likely that it is equally sensitive to effects brought on by human activity, changes like increased greenhouse gases, altered land-use policies and fossil-fuel dependence.
“Any prudent person would agree that we don’t yet understand the complexities with the climate system and, since we don’t, we should be extremely cautious in how much we ‘tweak’ the system,” he said.
“The evidence is clear that a major climate change is underway.”

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May10: Earth Update, Spaceweather

AND: Rare twin waterspouts, traveling in tandem, caught on camera by scientist over Louisiana NASA satellite image shows Pagan volcano erupting again in Mariana Islands Destabilization: Scientists discover new unstable region the size of New Jersey under Antarctica Ice Sheet The potential war beween China and the Philippines that the U.S. is being snared into that Americans know little about FROM:

Death by science?

Death by science

• Toxic pesticides that kill the soils and rivers? “Science!”
• Toxic chemical medications that kill humans and pollute downstream waters? “Scientific!”
• The mass poisoning of the population with a toxic combination of industrial waste products called “fluoride?” It’s all done for “science!”
• Nuclear bombs that have already decimated civilian populations? “Science!”
• Mammograms and other medical imaging devices that actually cause cancer? “Scientific!”
• Chemotherapy poisons, “preventive” mastectomies, cancer radiation treatments? It’s all “scientific” of course.
• The mass mercury poisoning of children through dental amalgams? They call it “science-based dentistry!”
What’s clear from all this is that the human race is being murdered in the name of science.
But underneath that realization is an even more profound one: Much of the so-called “science” is really just fraudulent science that’s twisted, distorted and quacked up by greed-driven corporations.