Saturday, November 3, 2012

The One Last Cashew Principle and the Future of Humanity


Cashews are my favorite nut. I remember as a child that we always  went over to Nana's over the holidays to partake of desserts and on Christmas, to exchange presents with aunts, uncles and cousins. Nana always had bowls of mixed nuts scattered throughout the house.  I would find a relatively quiet spot, take a bowl, and search for the cashew treasures within.

It seemed that if I kept digging through the bowl, that there was always one last cashew prize to be found. Was this an early encounter of the Law of Attraction? By sheer will, did I keep manifesting that one last cashew in the endless sea of peanuts, almonds, walnuts and Brazil nuts? Was this my first encounter with Heidenberg's Uncertainty Principle? Because I always reached a point when I was uncertain if just one more nut lay hidden in the bowl. Thinking I had devoured the last, was there still one there? Would my looking create just one more?

So here we have humanity, sitting at the bowl of life, expecting that we always have that one more chance to make things right. We think that we will have that one more opportunity to make amends; to say, "I'm sorry; I love you; I will take that chance; I will change my ways." Do we think that there is still time to alter history; to protect the planet;  to end pollution; resist the power of money--the power of the few over the many? And then one day we wake up dead; the last cashew has been consumed and, at least in this lifetime, the chances are gone and the cashew exists only in a theoretical state of possibility.

Look at the events in the world. How many cashews do you think are left?

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