Sunday, October 21, 2012


I love this quote and it is a theme in THE WAKING GOD TRILOGY:
"Yes there’s certainly more financial instability on the way, yes climate change is accelerating and yes natural resources are dwindling and getting ever more expensive. But to me, these are exactly the conditions we need. It’s not the status quo that needs to be preserved – not business as usual – rather the system needs to breakdown to provide more freedom for expansionary growth…" READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT:

I have said on many occasions that evolution is the result of stress. From climate change to meteor impacts, stresses in the environment have altered life on Earth. When conditions are fine, let's face it, there is no need to change. As we know, conditions on Mother are NOT fine for good old homo sapiens. At every turn, there is stress and that, my friends, is what the Mayans refer to with respect to 12/21/2012. The end of one era and the beginning of the next, brought on by massive stress. Knowing this, there should be no reason to fear the reaper. yes, we do have to pay the ferry man his dues to cross into a New Age. But, it is a price worth paying, even if it means that many do not appear to make it. The loss of many will add further stress and result in greater change. We praise those who have given their lives in battle in order to preserve freedom for future generations. We will have many more to praise before this is all said and done.

Keep one thing in mind. We may pass THIS way but once, but we do pass again and even those who have decided to will come back to reap the reward of their efforts. Look upon the changes that are happening now and those that will happen in the near future as opportunities to aid the cause of human evolution. It is all in 'divine order!'

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