Monday, December 31, 2012


What seeds have been sown in 2012 that will sprout to life in 2013?

There are two ways to view this question. The first is personal, and the second is societal. To answer the personal question, it is necessary to determine your predominant thoughts in 2012. If your mind and emotions were filled with fear, confusion, sadness, greed, dislike and other such negative thoughts, well, your 2013 does not bold well. Only you can make the determination as to the quality of the seeds you have planted. However, if they are negative, you can turn things around with lots of tender care and by readjusting your perspective on life. You can soften the blow.

With regard to society, that is a different story. We planted nightshades for the environment, knot-weed for the economy, and crabgrass for our politics. While you don't have to eat the rotten fruits of society, just know that what they are selling toxic and genetically modified produce that will make you sick if you eat it. The societal garden will be a disaster as the old paradigm fights to keep its hold.

Much has been done to raise the thoughts and vibrations of this planet. The problem is that the extent of the field of weeds is so vast that all will, in some form, feel its effects. Remember, that as a society, we let the few ruin the planet. We are stakeholders in the cause and it will be difficult to escape the effects.

We are now in the fast lane of change, so pay attention.

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