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No matter where you look, science is on the brink of discovering that the universe is mental and we are one.

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What Is The Quantum God Effect? 'I Am You, You Are Me'
Contributed by DK Matai (Reporter) 
Fri Jul 16 2010 14:24 

Nature's own solar cells, plants, convert sunlight into energy via photosynthesis. A recent article in the 'Scientific American' suggested that plants use quantum entanglement in photosynthesis. Another paper in 'Nature' shows that there are quantum coherence effects at work in the way some algae produce energy via the eight pigment molecules used in photosynthesis. This discovery overturns some long-held beliefs about quantum mechanics, which suggest that quantum coherence cannot occur at anything other than cryogenic -- near absolute freezing -- temperatures because a warm environment would destroy the effect. However, the Chroomonas algae perform their work at room temperature or 21°C! This does suggest that quantum entanglement effects are at least possible at the biological level, and may therefore be operating in our brains. If so, are the human brain and consciousness working together as advanced quantum computers? Note our briefing: Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Computers and Quantum Mind.
Quantum Entanglement
Quantum Entanglement
Distinguished members of our organisations* may remember that we covered quantum entanglementand associated applications as well as quantum teleportation in 2009 in a series of briefings. Quantum entanglement asserts that two particles or energy packets can be intimately connected so that changes in one are instantly reflected in the other, even if those two entities are 'light years' apart. This is sometimes known as the Quantum God effect: an area of constant development because of its potential in real-life applications, making possible codes that are unbreakable, instant communication across vast distances and teleportation.
Universal Connection
Physics is strange with quantum entangled particles being able to influence each other from across the universe. Furthermore all matter exerts a gravitational pull on all other matter, no matter how far away it is. Quantum mechanics seems to indicate that what we think we know about localisation and distinct physical entities operating in space and time may not be really accurate at all. Consider this, one can easily imagine all of us being intimately connected, just as the stars, quantum-bits, and all the matter are connected to each other.
Several years ago physicist Roger Penrose wrote a book suggesting that human consciousness can't be explained by standard chemical and physical processes. The only thing that could explain it, he said, was quantum processes, specifically microtubules that take advantage of quantum gravity effects. Why then do we assume that this very mysterious non-local entity -- named consciousness or awareness -- must have a precise location in space and time and operate discretely? In some ways, consciousness can be compared to a black hole, and we really have no idea what it is. Experts speculate that black holes are really worm holes connecting two different points, and perhaps even other universes!
Let us say for a moment that one is a pantheist. Pantheism is all about the one-ness and unity of everything. Pantheism is the view that the Universe -- including all of Nature on Earth -- and God are identical. Thus all in the Universe is deserving of the deepest kind of reverence. The word derives from the Ancient Greek: πᾶν (Pan) meaning 'All' and θεός (Theos) meaning 'God' -- literally 'All is God!'
Single Consciousness
Considering this mindset, it should be no wonder why one may then come to the conclusion that we might all be manifestations of a single consciousness. Some noted philosophers have suggested 'I Am You' and 'You are me!' This idea of a unified collective consciousness may not sound intuitive to most people, especially the rugged individualists amongst many of us in the West, but it is arguably just as valid as our usual working assumption that we are all separate entities!
Not Very Far
If the universe, or indeed multi-verse, is infinite and there is another organisation of atoms somewhere out in the universe that is in the exact same configuration as the atoms in our brain, then unless we reject the possibility of continuous consciousness, our consciousness could exist simultaneously in multiple planes without being aware of another... just as we may exist as 'illusory discrete entities' in the 'I Am I' and 'You are you' non-holistic view of the world. However, as the world is perceived to become ever more interconnected and interdependent socially, economically and environmentally, how far away are we now from the 'I am You' and 'You are me' perspective? One could humbly suggest, not very far away at all!
Bio Quantum Solar Cells & Quantum Biology
At a practical level, a better understanding of the intersection of photosynthesis microbiology and quantum entangled information is likely to lead to 'bio-quantum' solar cells that are much more efficient than today's photovoltaics. Beyond photosynthesis, quantum-processes have been observed elsewhere in the biological realm, most notably in the electro-magnetic compass cells that allow birds to navigate via Earth's geomagnetic fields. Scientists have also proposed roles for quantum physical phenomena in the animal sense of smell and even in the human brain. This suggests the emergence of an entire new field of quantum biology. Note our briefing: What are your views about Quantum Dots?
Greatest Good For Greatest Number
In parallel, it is worth asking: Are the world wide web and the internet creating some sort of extra layer of a permanently connected and unified global brain, which could be the ultimate technological expression of the underlying sub-conscious will of humanity to embrace unity. If we are indeed all a single consciousness, then we are already a unified global brain, we just don't know it! The Internet may assist in manifesting that hidden truth step by step. How then could we go about realigning with our collective consciousness? The unity of consciousness synthesis has an elegant aesthetic quality to it, and could have positive implications for bridging the egoist-utilitarian divide we are presently confronted with. If I Am You and You are me, how can even the most selfish person or community logically remain separate from the rest of humanity and all sentient beings? The greatest good for the greatest number of sentient beings is likely to triumph given the complex web of quantum entanglement phenomena that are in play throughout the universe.

Recent shows on the Science Channel, with Morgan Freeman, demonstrates that science is catching up with spirituality. All things are indeed connected; the Universe is truly a woven tapestry; energy is the basis of all things; consciousness controls the physical-the observer and observed are one; there are multi-universes, etc are all tenets of ancient philosophy.  The WAKING GOD SERIES speaks to the 'god seed.' Within us is the the seed of all creation, all possibilities, the power to alter perceived reality. Are we, as Bruce Lipton would have us believe, on the brink of a spontaneous evolution where we create consciously? Will, as are predicted by the prophecies of 2012, the old reality crumble and worn out dogma dissolve and make way for a new age of peace and harmony? Clearly, we are not in Kansas anymore!


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