Monday, October 28, 2013


FREE Kindle download on November 3rd. All three books in one. VERIFIED AMAZON REVIEW: I'm not sure that I'm knowledgeable enough to analyze the first book in the Waking God trilogy, but I enjoyed the read. The theories proposed by Mr. Harris and Mr. Doe mirrored the questions I raised when I was asked to leave Sunday school as a child, although they phrase them much more eloquently. This book explained the existence of angels, demons, various incarnations of Lucifer, vampires, the tarot, and werewolves in plausible, entertaining terms - quite an impressive feat. It also oriented me to fascinating mystical locations, all of which actually exist - or at least I assume they do because I've visited Chichen Itza and his description of it is dead on. The sheer knowledge required to assemble this book intimidated me because I'm usually a chic-lit kind of girl, but I was able to follow the story more easily than I originally anticipated. If the first few pages throw you, stick with it. Andrew collates an enormous amount of information, but luckily it is doled out in easily digestible chunks. And ready your highlighter because there are memorable quotes sprinkled throughout the chapters. My favorite is, "The only thing one can be saved from is ignorance."

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