Friday, March 22, 2013


In the trilogy the world is described as place of chaos and turmoil; governed not by the politicians, but under the thumb of corporate interests. The environment is collapsing, religion has gone awry, and disasters plague every corner of the globe. Most of the Trilogy occurs after 2012. This was a date that the 'media' decided was to be the apocalypse. It is important to remember that the prophecies of the Mayans, Hopi, Nostradamus and others never said that 12/21/12 was the end of the world. It simply made good press. In fact, in keeping with conspiracy, it is quite possible that 12/21 was played up that way so that when nothing apparent happened on that day, the masses would simply dismiss the prophecies as just nonsense and not worthy of anymore consideration. All of the prophecies are still valid because they spoke of a process, not an end product.

So what happens now that the same warnings are being issued by science? We have warnings about a rapidly changing climate; the spread of  resistant diseases; tectonic plate shift and earthquake  events are being publicized; clearly economies are in disarray; and, religions are certainly faltering. Whenever you pay attention to the news, there are stories of flood, drought, famine, pestilence and mayhem. These come not from the prophets, but from science and on the ground fact.

Are these warnings being heeded? Have the special interests managed to blind the people to events that will forever alter their fate? Have 'they' cried wolf so often that people are desensitized to the calamities around them?

There are some great things happening on planet Earth. People are beginning to awaken to a new sense that something wonderful may be on the horizon. The question is, who will will the race: Those are are waking up, or those who would keep the human spirit in false chains?

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