Sunday, December 6, 2009

An Initiatory Journey

It is said that 'all that is hidden will be revealed.' As we enter a time of major transformation are you ready to discover ancient wisdom to guide you into this new era? There are so many wonderful authors and mystics that have come forward to rekindle our ancient memories. Danielle Rama Hoffman is one such guide. Time is passing quickly and the moment of change is here. Be prepared and let Danielle help you to awaken the "god seed" within you.

THE TEMPLES OF LIGHT : An Initiatory Journey into the Heart-Teachings of the Egyptian Mystery Schools (Book & CD)
By (Author) Danielle Rama Hoffman, (Foreword) Nicki Scully

Each Temple of Light is a portal to ancient wisdom that can assist the modern-day pilgrim with everyday life issues and struggles—love, purpose, money, and health—and the deeper questions of enlightenment and our divine origin.

The Temples of Light guides the reader, as the initiate, on a spiritual journey through thirteen of Egypt’s sacred temples--a journey into the sanctuary of the open heart. Each sacred site is a portal to ancient wisdom that can assist the modern-day pilgrim with everyday life issues and struggles--love, purpose, money, and health--and the deeper questions of enlightenment and our divine origin.

Danielle Rama Hoffman opens up sacred rites of passage that historically have been kept secret to forge a relationship with the temples of Egypt as allies and spirit guides. For example, the temple of Sakkara is associated with abundance; the temple of Abydos with remembering. The initiations in this book awaken intuition and the Sahu--the fully realized self--allowing connections to the power, magic, and wisdom of such sacred symbols as the Flower of Life, the Djed Pillar (the backbone of Osiris), the Ka, and the energy body. Hoffman’s guided meditations, rituals, and exercises also raise the reader’s vibration level, as we move from the Piscean to the Aquarian age. Embodying the wisdom of the open heart of these temples imparts a shift in consciousness from fear to bliss, from powerlessness to empowerment, opening the body, mind, and spirit to the infinite possibilities within. The book also includes a 50-minute CD of a guided journey of the Sphinx.

The Temples of Light Initiations 6-CD SET

The Temples of Light Initiations 6-CD Set includes recordings of all of the guided meditations presented in the book. The combination of relaxing music and guided imagery deeply engages your imagination and senses to transport you to Egypt so you can fully integrate the heart teachings of each sacred site.

Temples of Egypt Essences

Temples of Egypt Essences are made in Egypt, where the pure consciousness of each temple heart teaching is infused into purified water and preserved with alcohol. Like Flower Essences, the Temple Essences are taken internally.

This home based mystery school guides you through an initiatory journey through 13 of Egypt’s sacred sites. You set the pace that is right for you, perhaps connecting to one temple a month or a week. Engage all your senses including visual, kinesthetic and audio and embody the Heart Teachings shared by each temple. Read the chapter about the temple in the book and follow the suggested exercises, listen to the correlating guided meditations on CD and take the corresponding Temple essence internally.

Includes: Book + 6 CD Box Set & 16 Temple Essences

Danielle Rama Hoffman

Danielle Rama Hoffman has been a healer and teacher of metaphysics and the healing arts since 1994. She studied with Nicki Scully for 12 years and is a member of the lineage of Thoth. She specializes in Egyptian Temple Mysteries and leads spiritual tours to Egypt's sacred sites. She lives in Seattle, Washington.


  1. Thank you for sharing The Temples of Light with your readers. It is such an exciting time as we are in the midst of a cultural shift in consciousness, one in which we are awakening and remembering our true divine nature. What a blessing to have supportive resources like your Waking God blog during this process of renewal and change.

    With heartfelt appreciation,
    Danielle Rama Hoffman
    Author of The Temples of Light